Bless our hearts because FPW came like a whirlwind and swept us off our feet. GENERATION pulled out all the stops, showcasing looks from our upcoming collections, with dazzling bold colours, striking dupattas and statement accessories. Set against the backdrop of the lovely Arabian Sea, Nighat enchanted everyone with her old school charm and a fearless devil may care attitude, strutting to Talal Qureshi and Naseebo Laal’s ‘Aag’ and thumping to the beat of Quadrum’s ‘Agram Bagram,’ all the while capturing our very hearts with every twirl of her paraanda. Her kohl rimmed eyes and the chooriyaan and calculator watch on her wrists really makes you reconsider the definition of fashion. You can ditch the blow dries and the high heels and explicitly embrace the desi in you while still being haute!


If we could go back in time and bring one fashion statement back en vogue, it would be the cotton saree! Or any saree in general! Our Nighats donned sarees to perfection as they walked down the ramp full of fun energy and positivity! The star of the night? Our block printed gorgeous, gorgeous cream saree on beautiful lurex fabric. Light, breathable, HASEEN!


Forget heavy gota and dabkay ka kaam which scratches you to no end in the unforgiving Pakistani summer. Instead, opt for the easy yet gorgeous, understated but glamourous innovative option that GENERATION has brought forth. The shiny foil prints that you saw on the ramp! Perfect for those summer weddings or formal affairs, now you can put your bling on minus the skin mutilating weaponry on top. And if that’s not your thing, the collection showcased subtle mukesh details adorned upon breathable printed tops for those summery afternoon brunches or daawats.


We could NOT be more excited to tell you that this is definitely the year of the shalwar. In this blistering heat, the loose baggy shalwar is a much needed wearable trend. Choose a cut of your liking – patthar, patyaala or dhoti, GENERATION has it all! And we have another khushkhabri for you. The much coveted black sheer rilli patterned shalwar is hitting stores very soon. Layer it with tights or take a more risqué route pairing it with a long shirt and letting your legs breathe!


We know you would much rather talk to Siri than your aunty next door and we also know that your favourite activity is okaying Google but despite all the technological advancements, our better judgement knows that sustainability is the way forward and its very important to support skilled, local labour. GENERATION showcased pieces from the COTTAGE line, highlighting the meticulous hand embroidered, pieces. If there’s one thing technology can’t replace, its love. What were your favourite looks from GENERATION’s FPW show? Let us know in the comments below!

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