How to stay fit in college

Fatima Beyg is a physiotherapist and a fitness coach by passion and profession. She introduces herself as an enthusiast in whatever she does professionally and personally.

What led you to become a physiotherapist and trainer?

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As a teenager I had injuries that were addressed by traditional medicine, castes to keep movement limited and handful of painkillers, which did not make it any better in the long term. That is where I decided movement should be prioritized as well; which led me to my doctorate of physiotherapy.

When I got into physiotherapy college I was underweight, skinny fat’ and weak. I was also aware that I would struggle with treating patients if I myself was this physically weak. That’s when I started working out to get stronger and leaner. I gained 15kgs but got stronger and leaner. The idea was to build strength; regardless of size! That is why I wanted to help others be too strong!

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What are some tips for college students who have overeaten during the summer break?

College holidays are a getaway from the daily stress of life and eating/overeating comes as a part of the vacation. Basically there is loss of routine!

Don’t beat yourself up for it. Try getting back to routine by getting back to a schedule and eating more at home than out. Stick to a routine. Take your meals to college with you.

What is the best time to exercise given gruesome college hours?

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As a college student exercising is essential to keep yourself stress free and focused but the trick is to keep it manageable. Start with 20-30 minutes a day, either when you wake up or right after you come back from college.

Initially making it a part of the routine and getting past the feeling of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ is the struggle. Avoid leaving it for when you will be free, that is probably when you will be too tired and decide not to do it. Once you make it a part of your daily life, you will be willing in to fit in a workout in your schedule much easily.

What can one do to avoid putting on excessive weight and becoming unhealthy overall while eating and munching on campus?

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Having an eating routine and keeping yourself full with healthy snacking is one hacks to keep yourself from putting on unhealthy weight. Keep a window for temptation while keeping a control on your munching.

Avoid hoarding on packaged snacks in your bag pack! When you have it you will eat it. Balance and being true to yourself is key. At the end you are what you eat!

Let us know in comments how you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the hectic and crazy college days! Featuring: Fatima Beyg , Fitsiocamp Written by: Marya Javed

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