It’s that time of the year again. When the sweltering heat makes you want to tie your hair in a chotee, sip a chilled glass of Rooh-Afza...and change your clothes after every two hours! The Pakistani summer is harsh and it has sneakily slid into the spring season just like *those* boys who slide into our DMs. (You know who we are talking about ladies). The hot weather also brings along the need to have multiple outfit changes in a day and a definite change of clothes every day! Gone are the days when you could re-wear a pair of white trousers the next day without throwing it in the wash. But don’t worry because GENERATION has just the solution for you. Behold! We have compiled a list of budget friendly outfits for the hot days ahead! Greet the sun with open arms in this butter yellow ‘Katha’ shirt. Adorned with mukesh details this print is easy on the eyes and perfect for the weather. Get it for PKR 2498 at You know what’s better than a loose shalwar and a baggy top? The answer is: nothing! This pattharshalwar was MADE for the Pakistani heat. And we haven’t even told you the best part yet. Get BOTH the shirt and shalwar for PKR 2498. Shop our ‘Gutta’ Co-ords at We all need some white to soothe our eyes. A girl can never have too many white kurtas and we know you all agree! This white kurta is incredibly versatile. Pair it with a chunridupatta and some jhumkas and you’re good to go or wear it over your favourite pair of jeans and tie your laces for a day packed with action. Shop our ‘Feminal’ tunic (available in three colours) for PKR 2198 at today! If you want a break from the embroidered, heavily printed lawn mania, the ‘Caravan’kurta is the perfect option for you. Grab this airy, flared kurta for PKR 2198 at If you’re looking for something ethnic to add to your spring summer wardrobe, take a look at our ‘Sindhi’ shirt. With appliqué details on the neckline and front hem, this scarlet number can be paired with a shalwar of your choosing is a gorgeous and budget friendly piece. Shop for PKR 2198 at If it’s something we tend to underestimate, it’s our need for trousers in the summer! Stock up on these neutrals (and many more in store). Get our ‘Dotted’ trousers (left) for PKR 898 at and our ‘Striped’ trousers (right) for 998 in stores and online at How do you beat the heat? Let us know in the comments below!

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