GENERATION is recognised for creating timeless clothes with the help of generations of craftspeople. Our path toward sustainability began organically with the realisation that simply sourcing premium yarns was not enough. It was spurred even more by the desire to implement best practises across our whole value chain, from sourcing to designing to manufacturing to selling.

Our Commitment

We at GENERATION want to increase our transparency in hopes that the industry will follow suit and start incorporating sustainable practices in our value chain to minimise the impact on our planet. Some sustainable practices include better design and planning to ensure minimum at source waste, utilizing surplus fabrics left from cutting and trim at the factory for apparel and accessories, limiting plastic usage, and ethical fair pay work practices.

Lastly, we will continue to aim for a sustainable future by improving the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of our artisan community.

Our Waste

Our Waste Audit Center helps us review and separate usable surplus fabrics and CMT waste. Our data driven design practices have been instrumental in expanding and reconfiguring the reGENERATE line so that we can utilize maximum fabric and embellishments left from our main fashion lines. The aim with these functional affordable fun items is to prevent fashion waste from ending up in landfills as much as possible.

Our Water and Energy usage

Water and energy wastages are extremely high in the textile industry and our focus is to reduce it by mapping our requirements and finding ways to conserve water and optimize energy consumption in our processes. We plan on aligning with the global community to achieve carbon neutrality, to reduce our pollution that offset greenhouse gases.

Our Digital Community

With a digital community of over 2 million, we continue to aim to use our platform to create awareness about being mindful in fashion, what is sustainability in fashion, and all that it entails.