Growing up, I started realizing so much of what women wear is an impediment towards their functionality, mobility, comfort. The delicate diamanté sandal that cuts into your foot, the pants that are too tight for July, the fabric that’s not breathable... the underwire that eats into your rib cage, the dupatta that won’t stay. I noticed young girls struggling to literally walk and sit properly because of what they were wearing. I realized what I myself wore, distracted me from what I wanted to do. Is the slip showing from under my shirt, shall I sit like this or that to ensure my pants won’t rip or reveal too much? Always wondering if the discomfort I am enduring is worth the attention I hoped to get. Always imagining how much more I could do if only I was dressed for it. I remember wanting to run back from important events, just to be able to wear comfortable clothes again. It took me a while but I finally converted to being No Nonsense Nighat as part of my journey to discovering who I am. I finally understood that clothes and shoes exist for many reasons- being MY gear for what I want to do and making me feel comfortable being the primary ones. I realized I love the comfort of shalwar kameez- but without the burden of turning into a dainty little princess. I want to wear my shalwar kameez and be able to walk, run, drive, squat, wrestle or whatever it is that I feel like doing. I like my shirts to have pockets because it allows me to keep my money n phone handy. I like my clothes loose coz hey- we live in the tropics! I also want them to be pretty- after all of the above has been accomplished. And I don’t think this conversation is superficial. It’s about choosing your comfort and your identity as a person, over what you wear and what it looks like. That- if you think about it- sets the precedence right for many other things in life. And frankly- I also think No Nonsense Nighat looks pretty alright too! Confidence and comfort are very sexy ;)
Photography by Azeema Ilyaas

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