Remembering Fatima Jinnah

We know what you’re thinking. Seriously? Another all white collection? Do we really need this much white? The answer is, yes you do. You really do. If Fatima Jinnah, the Mother of the Nation, can get by with a wardrobe overflowing with classically white ensembles what makes us think that we have any right to be too good for the ultimate gratification of timeless style? We pay a subtle and thoughtful homage to her chiffon dupatta, modest strings of pearls that encircled her neck and her playful white gharara. This image is not only a reflection of Fatima Jinnah but of the Generation woman; strong and elegant with a very contemporary fashion sense rooted deep in tradition.
Generation’s love for Fatima Jinnah is the kind of love we keep coming back to and just won’t let go, because this love keeps leading back to beautiful fashion pieces that prove to be truly timeless. Our latest Miss Jinnah Suit collection is a direct ode to the enigmatic Fatima Jinnah. I mean, we are not even trying to be subtle over here. Our adoration is so blatant we named an entire collection after her. Breezy shalwar and a knee length kameez that flow effortlessly as Fatima Jinnah carries a dupatta is a classic look, and the Ms Jinnah suit with embroidery and blockprinting on the panels, sleeves and hemline, paired with a dupatta and a solid shalwar is our humble effort to recreate this ageless look. Shop this look online: The Flowers in the Air suit and the dupatta draped with ease, celebrate the clean shape and beauty in minimalism. Shop this ensemble online:
If it wasn’t the dupatta that was flowing, Fatima Jinnah would often rock a flowy frock. The flared shirt with accentuated floral motifs paired with shalwar from the Kutch Fiesta suit pays tribute to buoyant look. Shop this outfit online: The Tahitian Dreams shirt is another dreamy shirt with pearl embellishments, eliciting pearl necklace feels. Shop this look at your nearest GENERATION store or online:
It has been said, blue was Fatima Jinnah’s favourite colour and she was often seen donning a blue outfit with her characteristic strings of pearls. The bright blue Ms Jinnah kurta and Mumtaz Nama suit, in a blue that reminds you of sky on a sunny day, strive to emulate Fatima Jinnah’s elegant look. Shop these looks online:
Fatima Jinnah was also seen to pair her graceful white shalwar kameez with a tailored koti displaying a contrasting strong and structured look. A lot like the Bold Block Koti shirt which pairs a blue well fitted koti over a classy white kameez, displaying strength in softness. Shop this online: For the past 35 years, Generation has paid its own tribute to Fatima Jinnah in various manners. She wasn’t only an inspiration for the creation of Generation but also subsequent fashion lines. Thanks to her timeless style and embodiment of strength and independence, she will continue to be an inspiration for future designs as well. Image credits: 1) Story of Pakistan; 2) Tribune; 3) Blogspot; 4) Tribune; 5) Blogspot; 6) Hamari Web

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