Are You Ready For the Aurat March?

What day is it? International Women’s Day!

Where are we headed? The Aurat March!

What do women want out of it? To be heard!

It is our time to be heard and we won’t give up until we are!

Giving up was not an option for Bilquis Edhi, who carried forward her husband’s noble legacy head on. Neither was it for Krishna Kumari – our first ever Hindu-Dalit senator. In fact, these strong females inspired a million others to follow their dreams. The Aurat March inspires to do the same: give women “access to economic justice, reproductive justice, and environmental justice, and prevent violence against them”. (Art by Hija Kamaran)
Design Credit: Aziza Ahmed
Here are some of the guidelines you must follow if you wish to participate in the 45-minute march being held in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad: The Aurat March demands four basic things; let’s find out what they are:
Economic justice Imagine a world where you don’t feel after cheated after looking at your male co-workers pay cheque. And a world where you’re economically independent enough to live life on your terms. Yes, that’s the world Aurat March is talking about. Reproductive justice Because we all deserve to live a healthy life. Because we want a world which doesn’t force us to produce, “just one more child so that we have enough ‘sons’ to support us in old age”? And because our bodies are our own. End to violence No one. We repeat, no one, has the right to violate your personal space or integrity. The patriarchal society may calmly tell you to be submissive in front of your husband, boss, or any person in authority, because that’s the norm, but you must never allow them to hurt your integrity. Remember, you have the right to say no! The march will commence from Frere Hall in Karachi and Hamdard Hall (Lyton Road) in Lahore, so let’s step out, show solidarity with the women of Pakistan, and be greater than fear! *All the infographics are taken from Aurat March’s Official Facebook page. Cover by Shehzil Malik

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