I’ve Got Money on My Mind – Budget Buys for August

No need to spend big to get a look you dig. We’re back with your favourite rendition of going frugal. Not cheap. FRUGAL. And with the sale going on, we shouldn’t even have to make this list. But we love you, and we know you want to know what we think are some of the best, most versatile pieces there are to buy without hurting your wallet too much. You can look amazing, without sacrificing your style and feel satisfied in the fact that you are bagging a great bargain. Get ready to be inspired by a list that has been painstakingly put together. Feel the love. Now let’s begin. Drum rolls please A kaleidoscope of colours complementing the colours of summer; paired with flared sleeves and mirror work and you’ve got yourself a shirt that you can wear with black trousers and be ready to fight through the throngs of summer sales or dress up with a white embroidered shalwar and some jhumkas and be ready to outshine your cousins at your khala’s dawat.
Buy it for PKR1,748
Be ready to be adored in this Barcode Flared Top, the fabric boasts beautiful pastel colours and green embroidery that will keep you feeling light and cool this summer. Throw on some white trousers or your regular denim with this outfit and you’ll be looking fresher than lemonade on a sunny summer afternoon.
Buy it for PKR2,099
Okay, okay. I get it. You have a life; you’ve got some fancy parties coming up. And you need something new but affordable. You want to look chic but not like you’re trying too hard, almost like you always look chic and you just happen upon this party… then I have an outfit for you. Charbagh suit has subtle gracefulness all over it, starting with the V insertions in the neckline to the highlighted jacquard motifs paired with straight trousers. Add your favourite khussas and tie your hair back in an elegant bun for the full vogue effect.
Buy it for PKR4,798
You just remembered, you have a coffee date with your bestie and it’s too late to come up with an excuse short of something dramatic. You want to quickly throw something on and look like you have been looking forward to this hang out sesh rather than staying home and watching Netflix. Grab your favourite pair of jeans or pants and throw on this Scarlet Fever top, print blocked lined with playful tassels which personify the hairflip emoji.
Buy it for PK1,149
You don’t need an excuse to buy Pazyryk Rugs Scalloped Tunic; this flared, scalloped hemline multi coloured flared shirt speaks for itself. You don’t want to take the attention away from this polka dotted detailed beauty, so keep it tame by pairing it with a solid coloured pair of straight pants.
Buy it for PKR3,518
There you have it ladies, an outfit for every occasion. Shirts that can be dressed up or down to your liking and you can still look like you without betraying your unique sense of fashion.

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