"Beta bari ho ker kya bano gi? ” – This is one question that we used to get all the time when we were growing up. Somehow, as we keep getting older and land a job, people stop asking us our career plans and ambitions for the future. But your career doesn’t have to stop growing once you land your first role. It should be ever evolving. Whether you’re itching for a promotion or just need a change in your life career vise, dressing the part is key! After all, you work your best when you feel your best. If you’re one of those people, or if you’re a fresh grad questioning your kismet, don’t worry. Keep reading for five joras so haseen they might just help you land your dream job!

Keep it classic yet fashion forward.

They say the first impression is the last impression and this statement couldn’t be truer. While going for a job interview, crisply ironed coordinates and a neat hairstyle can indicate professionalism and give off a strong employee of the month vibes.
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Keep it minimal – nothing too flashy

You want the entire focus to be on you and what you have to say. Avoid blingy clothes that can distract the interviewer. Steer clear of frills and unnecessary embellishments.
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Stick to a monochromatic look

If you want to seem super professional and play it safe, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a black or white kurta. A monochromatic outfit gives that ultimate pulled together look and helps you fool others into thinking you’ve got it altogether (shh, your secret is safe with us). Tip: Also add in a pop of colour to brighten your day.
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Tailoring is key

For a corporate interview, it’s best to sport clothes with elements such as collars and cuffs for a super professional look. Just tie your hair in a bun and wear your most confident smile and you’re good to go!
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What are your tried and tested style tips for a job interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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