We answer your most Googled Festive Wear questions!

What to wear on "duuur ki shaadi" or "bhai, bhen ki shaadi"? We answer all. Have a shaadi coming up; a fancy engagement dinner? Or maybe you’ve just been invited to a first of its kind, virtual dholki in the time of Corona? (We all should be heading towards virtual or minimal events anyway). Are you at your wits end thinking about what to wear? Don’t be pareshaan because with a lot of dehaan we are here to solve your problems. To cover all bases, we went to our trusty friend Google to answer your most asked festive/formal wear questions.

What actually defines festive/formal wear?

Well, we are not fans of defining boundaries – fashion is interpretive after all. But in layman terms, festive or formal wear is anything you feel joyful and merry in. Anything out of the ordinary event that makes you want to add some Oomph to your day to day outfits. Festive wear is something you want to celebrate in – what makes you feel fabulous and special and beautiful. It makes you look put-together and polished. If you’re looking for a fancy Pakistani dress, look no further.

What is festive casual wear?

Casual festive or semi formal wear is something that is dressier than what you would wear to your office but not something so fancy that would make you look decked up like a nayee naveli dulhan. It’s the perfect balance – like having aaloo in your biryaani to counter the spice. (Bring on the different opinions everyone!) If you’re looking for something to flaunt at your saheli’s next dholki, grab our Vinatge Satin Co-ords for PKR 4,698 and pair with chunni … or if its all virtual, your pyjamas! Shhh, no one will ever know – we all do it!
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How to wear festive wear?

If we’re being honest, Pakistanis don’t need an excuse to wear festive wear and that’s great! It’s what sets us apart from others – we love living each day to the fullest! Whether we are going for a brunch someplace in Mall One, or going for dinner at Kolachi, we like to look our best. If you would still like some rough guidelines, allow us to illustrate with examples! For a day time soiree:
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Where to buy fancy dresses/ formal wear in Pakistan?

Well that’s a given isn’t it? You can’t really drive all the way to a packed liberty market to design your formal wear outfits amidst a pandemic now can you? Good news is that you don’t have to because we’re doing all the hard work for you! GENERATION festive/formal wear has been meticulously designed keeping you in mind. Pick from our numerous formal wear outfits and get done with your festive shopping in one click! Shop here: https://www.generation.com.pk/formals.html How has Covid changed festive occasions for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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