Dressing for Work (NOT from home!) with Zainab Hashim Khan

Style cues for outfits to pass all these crazy filters in the new normal We’ve all come to terms with it: 2020 has been weird. Did we ever think we’d be away from friends, family and ‘normal life’ for so long? Not in our wildest dreams. As the country opens up again, as scary as that is, big parts of our usual lives are coming back. Restaurants are open, people are travelling around the country and most importantly for me: I get a break Work from Home with offices opening up again. You know that feeling on the night before the first day of school, university or even your first day at a new workplace? You’d pick your outfit the night before, make sure that it’s ironed to a crisp and then in the morning, you’d feel brand new with your fresh clothes and a fresh start. Well, it’s a lot like that right now too. Style star Zainab Hashim Khan has style cues for gearing up, with work resuming physically again, although still partially. Scroll down to read what she has to say. The one thing that I missed the most is also back: dressing up. And not just dressing up to look presentable but also dressing up to last a full day at work, small (and very careful) social commitments while still being super, crazy comfortable in this extremely moody weather. For an outfit to pass all these crazy filters, that’s quite a challenge.

Fabulously Flary

Nothing, except a looser casual cotton sharara or skirt, perfect for a quick socially distant meetup or even a small dholki happening at a friend’s place. For office this could be paired up with Tangerine sunkissed Pakko Top.
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Cream Crush

Dressing up to last a full day at work, small (and very careful) social commitments. I picked this hand embroidered Cottage number, an opportunity to use the same piece over and over again.

Zainab has paired our Balgarian Folklore shirt with statement airy pants. Shop this in stores and online for Rs.3,998/-

Titillatingly Tribal

I have been finding comfort in the luxury of something as simple as a printed A-line shirt and a shalwar, more often than I would have ever thought.
Zainab has paired here a printed shirt with basic shalwar. Shop this Tulis A-line Shirt for Rs.2,798/-
The light breezy feel, almost like floating, and the unparalleled comfort of a shalwar. Nothing works better than that on a sticky, humid September day. We know nothing will ever compare to the sheer simplicity of florals paired with a white shalwar.

Sunny Sophistication

BUT, the one thing that does make the whole light, breezy Aline/shalwar/trouser combo even better? Color blocking! A pop of saffron to break the monotony of every day outfits and the opportunity to use the same pieces over and over again.
Zainab has paired sunkissed hued, embroidered Surya top with basic pants. Shop the embroidered Surya Top here for Rs.2,998/-
Something as simple as purple pants that could lift up a green shirt, a yellow one, or a white one. THAT’S the kind of action we must all continue to look for as we gear up for what can only be the ‘new normal’.

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