Breaking Boundaries: Malaysia’19

So many times I find myself in between conversations revolving around women and them being independent in what they do. Here 'Nighat' sets the mood for 'No nonsense' and I personally believe that we have moved ahead of these stereotypical questions. It is time for us women to now address real and bigger problems out existing in the society and break the shackles in order to raise awareness and empower fellow women.

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I consider myself inclusive and I don't believe in boundaries created in the name of religion. But at times even if you are open to new cultures there are moments when you feel nostalgic about your close ones, family and practices. Traveling does make you realize actually who you are and what you want. Travelling helped me make my own decisions for myself.

Traveling enabled me to eliminate the negativity from my life and it realise that I shouldn't look back in life.
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Traveling alone out of my country was difficult yet pleasant. Back to the concrete jungle… As soon as I landed, the first thing that came to my mind was the night street food market in Jalan Alor located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Here I am walking through the heaven of seafood.

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Living in Pakistan seafood isn’t our staple food. Even though Malaysia offered us a fair share of 'meaty delights' I preferred to take the seafood route as I didn't shy away from taking on new challenges with food.

Whenever I travel out of my comfort zone, I look out for temples. Temples are something which makes my inquisitive mind happy and Malaysia being an Islamic country had a fair share of temples. I found my way to this amazing Kek Lok si Temple in Penang and it was a nothing but a visual treat.

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Here’s cheers to us for changing the existing narratives and travelling alone without friends and family and by staying desi and not standing the #nonsense.

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