Are you buying clothes that last longer!

While our wardrobes may be flooded with all the “IT” pieces and, don’t we all find it hard to part with that white Chikankari kurta, or Rilli shalwar or even that Tarkashi dupatta we’ve had for eons? Has your lawn-mania subsided and are you regretting all the money splurged on 3 Pc suits that didn’t last for more than a season? Have you ever considered how your fickle shopping behaviour contributes to landfill? For these reasons classics will always be a go-to for everyone! But… Only the smart and savvy know that classic style is not about being predictive or old-fashioned—no way. It’s about timeless trends, clean silhouettes, high quality fabrics and embellishments that come together in thoughtfully paired pieces that always look polished and chic. Additionally, you can invest in a few pieces, use them for a longer period of time and become a socially conscious shopper and a global change-maker- yes, YOU! And here’s how GENERATION’S CLASSIC and COTTAGE lines enable you to achieve that: 1. Fabrics Inspirations for collections come from timeless fabrics like Banarasi jacquards, ghimghams, tapestries and what not! Fabrics are high-quality, custom designs that can easily withstand washes for a long period of time.
When in Peru- Dobby checks and striped khaddar shirt inspired from Peruvian culture of Spain.Shop Now!
2. Silhouettes, colour palettes and embroideries Colour palettes are contained, dominated with solid bases that are accentuated with machine or hand embroideries inspired by traditional-and breath-taking- techniques. They fit the bill, whether it is a meeting at work, a dinner with famjam, dholaks or Eid soirees.
When in Peru with geometric embroideries and shisha work Shop Now!!
3. Limited pieces The 3 Pc and 2 Pc suits- a suit combination trend which GENERATION spear headed in retail,by the way- in any collection from these lines are in limited quantity not only because of the amount of pain-staking effort that goes in them, but this thwarts over-exposure of designs so you only stand out in the crowd, but can revitalize pieces time and again.
Sainchi Phulakari inspired from East Punjab with diverse depictions of everyday objects and floral motifs.Shop Now!!
4. Reform and revitalize Reinvent pieces in a million ways. Wear them as a set or with other eastern and western co-ords. Want to colour things up? Get that GENERATION white ensemble dyed in your favourite trending hue and #stepoutside. Love the sheesha gala of our COTTAGE piece but worn it too much? Have it patched onto a new kurta and voila! Whatever you do, you’re bound to turn heads!
When in Peru shawl Shop Now!!
So the next time you feel that GENERATION’S CLASSIC and COTTAGE lines are “expensive”, think this: Would you rather buy an extortionate lawn jora that all blow-dry aunties would be donning in the family, at work or in college or would you rather invest in our pieces that will be a step in saving our #sohnidharti and last you a lifetime? Tell us in the comments below.

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