Winter Smog Season

Picture this; you climb through the cozy razai and pave a way to the light and fresh air, you grudgingly climb out of bed and your feet meet the cruelly cold floor and you die a little inside, you reach for the curtains and push them back and you’re met with… nothing. Just a thick blanket of haze that belongs in some sort of dystopian television show (Doctor Who, anyone?) and you’re expected to breathe this in. This problem for Lahore and adjoining areas for the past two years and is intensifying each year, and we urge you to take these steps protect yourself and your loved ones.
1. Wear masks
If you don’t have the luxury of staying indoors (I mean, who really does?) your first line of action would be to stop breathing in the toxins. You can make a fashion statement while filtering out the pollution. Masks with patterns, textures, logos, messages and cutesy animals bring some colour to the gray haze, or you can be thrifty and matchy matchy by using masks made from your leftover cloths, right at your home. Find these smog masks at your nearest GENERATION outlet. The high levels of pollutants are a cause for serious concern, and boy are we concerned. So much so that it has formed an integral part of our GENERATION’s new line named ‘Sohni Dharti’; we are employing every platform we can to raise more awareness and bring more attention to this issue.
2. Live green
Jamun Tree –Generation HQ
This is not an everyman for himself sort of situation, we should all aim to leave a greener print on this planet if we want to enjoy the spoils. So, let’s all adhere to the age old solution for pollution, PLANT MORE TREES. The Environment Protection Department (EPD) Punjab issued a list of 'Pollution Abating Trees’, which belong to the native species of the trees, including Pipal, Barghad, Jamun Siris, Toot and Neem, found in the Punjab.
3. Eat green While we are talking about everything that’s sabz, you can protect yourself inside out as well. Add some garlic and embrace its pungent smell, because the very same compounds responsible for the smell are also responsible for boosting your immune system and help fight infections, something that your body is vulnerable to in this smog season. Aim to work in more Vitamin E by consuming nuts and leafy green vegetables. You’ll find our Summertime Salads can easily be transitioned to I-don’t-want-to-get-sick salads. And while you’re at it you should also increase water intake to flush out the toxins that you might have inhaled.
4. Try to reduce outdoor activity
I mean, I know the weather is perfect for some outdoor exertions and you want to take advantage of the cooler mornings and evenings but it’ll be better if you stick to indoor activities during the winters as well. Hey, I know it’s a bit unfair since you want to enjoy the weather that isn’t trying to secretly kill you slowly with dehydration however, heavy breathing and heavy pollutants just isn’t a good mix. And since you’re staying indoors so much, take it a step forward and invest in an air purifier to keep the air around you and the people you love, clean and toxin free.
5. Reduce number of cars on the road
There’s a reasons I left this at the very end because everybody is just so dheet. However, increased amount of vehicular emissions is another reason why there is an increased amount of smog every year. If public transport isn’t doable, at least reduce the number of cars used per household or, listen, give carpooling a shot? Just for your sake, the future generations’ sake, for this country’s sake and for literally everybody’s sake. The EPD has also succinctly, and perhaps in a less condescending manner, listed some precautions that can be taken when the smoky season hits so, head on over to their website for some helpful tips.

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