It’s that time of the year when you’re putting away your summer clothes and are faced with an avalanche of pieces you simply don’t know what to do about. Do you also find yourself drowning in old clothes? Last year’s lawn (your former prized possession), stretched dresses and single socks whose unfortunate partner got lost in the washing machine ages ago? The easiest option (and most charitable one) is to pass your hand-me-downs to your help and those less fortunate. But have you ever wondered what happens to the clothes at the end of the chain? Here at GENERATION, we believe in utilizing fabric to its ultimate potential, be it in the form of appliqués or trims while adding interesting design details- and what better way it is to make it part of another garment? We’ve learnt so much from our traditional practices of repurposing fabrics through Appliqué and so can you! A centuries old technique, appliqués were first introduced as a way of preserving, reusing and recycling fabric. Made extensively in Sindh, Pakistan, Rilli is a technique which involves taking scraps of fabric from old worn shalwar kameez, hand dyeing it and stitching it with other leftover fabric usually in intricate patterns.

Bandhini Suit Shop now for PKR 8698

Taking a cue from Rilli practiced in rural Sindh and parts of Punjab, our Bandhini Suit has hand embroidered Rajhistani motifs on a Chunri inspired, printed base with a contrasting coloured appliqué. Buy this three pieced beauty online or in stores.

When In Peru kurta Shop now for PKR 6398

Our When In Peru kurta has mirror work details and colourful appliqué on a bed of hand embroidered details on the sleeves and front! Shop in stores and online now.

Sainchi Phulkari Co-ords Shop now for PKR 6898

With intricate phulkari inspired embroidery and appliqué trims, shop this traditional Sainchi Phulkari Co-ords and ever green number from our Phulkari collection Cottage line and exude classic charm. Shop in stores and online today!

Chintz Applique Shirt Shop now for PKR 2350

Broderieperse - french for "Persian embroidery”, is a style of appliqué which uses printed elements to create a scene on the background fabric. Our Chintz Applique Shirt has a crisp collar with appliqué on the sleeves and hem. Get it today online!

Flowers in the Air Suit Shop now for PKR 6718

With pretty botanical Appliqués in hand dyed fresh colours and hand embroidery, Our Flowers in the Air Suit is the epitome of recycled, sustainable fashion. Shop this delicate piece online today! Will you play your part and take a step towards sustainable fashion with GENERATION? Tell us what you will do in the comments below. Cover image by: Ghulam Rasool

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