7 Day Wardrobe Challenge with Generation

Let’s face it, you go through a series of moods throughout the week and honestly it gets a little hard to express that we’ve got the perfect style guide that puts exactly what’s on your mind right on your very sleeve that too at an epic bargain!

The Monday blues...

So you got home from your cousin’s Valima held at the dooor wala farmhouse at 1 in the night, because Ammi wouldn’t budge until the last guest left... of course with complete disregard to the fact that you have that 11 page assignment due at 7 in the morning! Aur ooper se, getting out of the razai in this 0 degree thand! Opt for this easy Wardak High-Low tunic over comfy black slacks, throw on a fuzzy shawl and walk right out!

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Tuesday Tunes...

You survived Monday! Looks like there’s a gleam of hope for the rest of the week also, why not channel a bit of that optimism and positivity in your outfit as well? Pair this sunny Spliced Geometry blazer with denim on denim, or all black, add a little spring to your step and let the world know that you’re a girl on a mission!

Shop this blazer online now: https://pk.studiobytcs.com/collections/flash-sale/products/generation-red-spliced-geometry-blazer-n28661t for PKR.2998/-


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Wacky Wednesdays

It’s the middle of the week, your energies are fully charged and whether it’s going well or not, the madness is catching up to you! Go for this larger than life Multani Expedition Tie around Jacket to channel that inner crazy pair with jeans or whatever you feel like, it’s not going to show anyway ;)

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Thursday Thoughtfulness

With the weekend right around the corner, you need a moment of calm before the storm that is the Pakistani winter weekends! What with another wedding to attend the next THREE days, don’t you wish you could keep it simple and fuss free just for one day? This simple What’s up Warhol tunic is a cute departure from the shaadi couture looming on your shoulders.

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Mehndi Shehndi

Why even bother calling it Friday, it’s always a Mehndi!

These beautiful banarsi Modern Muse Co-ords are a steal at PKR. 6,998 only on: https://www.generation.com.pk/festive/f28498t.html

With beautiful zardozi work on the side panels and that gorgeous green dupatta! Pair with a gold gharara if it’s another cousin’s shaadi or simple trousers if its Kamaytee party wali kitty aunty ki beti’s!

Suhagan Saturday!

Pull out all the stops at whoever’s barat you’re attending this Saturday with these lush intricately embellished velvet Chambeli Co-ords! Sneak out that Kashmiri shawl that your mother treasures more than your life and pray to the lord that it returns to her almari untouched from that oil-laden Korma that you obviously can’t resist!

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Valima night...

You’ve GOT to make up to that bachpan ki saheli whose barat overlapped with cousin Saleha’s Shehndi, so there’s no escaping this Valima! With these cutesy dupion Gulnaar Co-ords in the classic Mint-Magenta combo you’ll be the ideal wedding guest, a simple and elegant sight to be marvelled.

Shop now: https://www.generation.com.pk/new/c28564t.html for PKR. 3498/-

And then it’s back to the grind! Until it’s the end of the winter, but let’s face it, does desi life ever really slow down? Do share your thoughts and advice on surviving the week!

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