A subtle abstraction, a pixelation and a bright diffusion of colour blurring the bounds of a pattern. That would be the profound description of Ikat. A word that is derived from “Mengikat” - Sounds quirky, right? Well, that’s because it’s Indonesian. Simply meaning to wrap or tie around. It is an age old resist dyeing process, in which the bundles of yarn are tightly wrapped together ready to be saturated in rich colours. After which the wonder weaver interlocks them together.
Ikat is referred to as ‘the poetry of the loom’ because of the intricate process through which it weaves its geometric wonder. At GENERATION, we love the exploration and experimentation of traditional patterns that tell stories. Our ‘ee kaht’ and ‘kente’ collection draws inspiration from this textile art using the jacquard fabric, keeping it conventional but with a modern twist.


Our maroon three piece ee kaht suit consists of a self-printed cambric shirt with flared sleeves, adorned with dori work and simple embroidery details. It is paired with straight fit pants and complemented with a multicoloured striped dobby dupatta.

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If a darker shade of red isn’t your cup of tea, we have a subtle alternative. The simple well balanced embroidery sits well on the subtle checkered/lined flared shirt. When it is contrasted with the parti-coloured dupatta, it is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

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And the best part? Imagine all the kurtas you can repurpose the ikat patterned dupattas with!

Love from Africa with some structured perfection

And If that’s too orthodox for your taste, Our Kente collection calls for experimentation, beyond the conventional.The word "kente" means basket, and the cloth is so-named because of its resemblance to a woven basket design. It is a type of silk and cotton fabric that is created by the interweaving of cloth stripes. It is designed as a celebration of the African craft, but stylized the desi way!
Our kente tunics and shirts are a visual treat. The symmetry and alignment of the patterns give a very composed, structured look but still allowing for an element of fun with the use of a rich palette. The deep blue, red and purple interconnected whether in checks, or blocks, or an assorted arrangement of stripes creates the perfect grid.

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The use of black and white in the saturated designs breaks away from the monotony. And if that’s too much pigment for you, our monochromatic tunics and peplums do just the trick!

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Shop Now: for PKR.2198/- Pair them your way, and make a statement with culturally and historically rich patterns, customized for your everyday look! Shop the ‘EE KAHT’ and ‘KENTE’ collection in stores and online now and let us know how you have styled your Ikat inspired outfits. Image credits: 1- strandofsilk 2- mirablackman

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