Whats a Bangkok High?

What is a ‘Bangkok High?’ One begins to wonder after coming across the collection title, probably another hipster fad? Wrong. A ‘Bangkok High’ is a term we coined internally, referring to the elation and that special feeling of other worldliness one is encompassed in upon their return from a vacation at the Southeast Asian wonderland. The premise of the concept is based upon the designer’s own memories of a Thai get away from his student days, over half a decade ago. Such is the power of Bangkok, it stays with you no matter how much time goes by, no matter how many places you visit in the world, and no matter how much you’ve grown. And trust us, there’s no place, or experience anything quite like it. The sights, smells and tastes of Bangkok are truly what have inspired this eccentric Ming offering, perfect for the Pre-fall event season. It’s gritty, edgy and uber glamorous with influences seeping in both from the city’s immense cultural heritage, and the modern fast paced facet that is known to attract swarms upon swarms of tourists. Eclectic multihued dragons, along with evasive psychedelic imagery depicting Bangkok’s infamous nightlife find themselves juxtaposed against cheerful plaids symbolizing the influx of tourists on the streets of Khao San road. Luxurious raw silks and gold spun, silk infused fabrics are rendered in high quality digital prints in an influx of rich, eye-catching shades including burnt orange, cerulean sky, pine green and acid yellow to name a few. The silhouettes are breezy and multi layered embodying the spirit of the city with bright accents of gold sequin work. The collection is available for purchase exclusively at our flagship localities in Gulberg Lahore, Zamzama and DMC Karachi, and Jinnah Super Islamabad and online .

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