Hugs have been synonymous with the festivities of Eid since its very inception, this beautiful act of physical expression of love and joy perhaps knows no alternative and to think of the celebrations of the cheerful occasion without a series of hearty hugs wouldn’t be as pleasant a thought at all. While the spirit of Eid ul Azha lies in reflecting upon our sacrifices, what we are often inclined to forget is that the occasion also marks the tenderness of human relationships, the love we share with one another and the bond that is strengthened with every breath, every moment, and every embrace. This Eid, the Generation woman builds upon the splendour of a simple hug, the genuine emotion it incites between her, her beloved and the rest of us, the onlookers. Let’s take a closer look with these women who are manifestation of the Generation spirit, candidly captured in their ‘Guldastah’ moments by the sensitive lens of Seemab Saqib subtly outlining the intricacies of the beautiful relationships we all share. Abu. the nerves were on a full high for Alina’s doting father, not only his first ever fashion shoot but also the first shot of the day, sporting an endearingly shy smile he stepped up into the frame, next to his daughter; a complete natural in front of the camera, as she was posing away like anybody’s business. The gleam of pride in his eyes upon seeing her confidence, beauty and enigma really pulled at our heartstrings and that was exactly what Seemab was able to capture in a sensitive series of photos with an enamouring father daughter duo engaged in a subtle parental embrace. Alina wears a hand embroidered Pathani suit from the ‘Bandhini’ collection by the cottage line. Traditional bandhini patterns are recreated on a fine cotton base, embellished with the forgotten hand stitches found in Gujarati wall hangings. The collection boasts of fresh and cheerful designs that truly reflect upon the spirit of a monsoon Eid. Shop her look here or in stores. Maa. Perhaps there are only a few comforts in life which deem to be as rewarding as confiding in your mother, The best friend most of us were born with. Aatekah’s bond with her mother came into full display as the duo stepped onto our set, soft smiles, clear eyes and an unmistakable aura of a love that has grown stronger over the years like fine wine. Tasneem, Aatekah’s mom even braved a foot injury to shoot with us, and we salute her camaraderie. Both are seen wearing brightly hued styles from the ‘Milan to Multan’ collection by the Woman line. Shirts crafted in bold Italian motifs paired with soft airy dupattas rendered in silk screen prints in Multani patterns. Shop Milan to Multan and other collections Online. Aulaad. Doesn’t time always seem to be fleeting by unannounced, that is ofcourse until that one fine day you suddenly find yourself staring into your own reflection the soul of another. How wonderful is this phenomenon, you aren’t just a person but a vessel for life, embarked on this bittersweet journey where you find yourself torn between wishing your children to not grow up at all, while also not being able to wait to see them come into their own in the world. Saba and her beautiful daughters served as the picture-perfect muses for the day, personifying the beautiful relationship of a mother with her children, a gift like no other. Saba wears an ornate draped chartreuse top and cream gharara from the ‘Sketchy’ collection by the Flo line. Heirloom style oriental jacquards in shimmering gold are juxtaposed with acidic hues and bold imagery of the Pop art movement to create eye catching and versatile ensembles that can be dressed up for Eid and down for every day. Shop her look in stores or Online. Behena. She can be your best friend and your mortal enemy in the same exact moment. That is the beauty of having a sister. You may turn out to be poles apart yet there isn’t a soul you could relate to more than her. She is your rock, a companion through thick and thin and while the struggle is real sharing your wardrobe and dealing with the unpredictable antics every day, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Rameesha and her twin sister Alisha recreate the same mischievous camaraderie for the camera that won our hearts in the first place. Both are dressed in breezy brocade suits from the ‘Revival East’ collection. Intricate French brocade patterns woven in lustrous jacquards in a bevy of our summer hues embellished with delicate embroidery and zardozi work. Shop it in stores or Online. Bhai. Having a brother is great fun, but to be the only sister of two? That rollercoaster ride of growing up is an experience on its own. While on one hand you’re constantly at the risk of getting ganged up on, your dolls replaced with footballs and all things pretty mysteriously vanishing, the flip side of the story is being hailed the princess of the house, being spoilt to no end and being the undisputed apple of the entire family’s eye. Not to mention getting a room all to yourself while the brothers are made to share! Naima and her brothers have nothing but nice things to say about each other to us, but we wonder if things are also as serene behind the scenes as well! Naima wears the Koti and Anarkali set from the ‘Vineyard’ collection a namesake to its inspiration; festive jacquards in patterns inspired by grapevines embellished with gold dori embroidery. She pairs it with a deep blue shalwar from the ‘Gota Doria’ collection embellished with Rajhastani Gota work. Shop this piece from our Vineyard collection now! Hum Rah. A greater part of your day is spent with your colleagues at work, who unwittingly evolve into your cohorts, confidantes and companions. They’ll help take the steam off on a bad day and be the first to share both your sorrows and joy. While we’re often advised to keep our working relationships strictly professional but you can’t help but develop an incomparable bond with the people sitting across your desk five days a week. Madiha, Dinal, Zarmeena and Isra recreate the ideal post-work holiday scenario with their indolent, and carefree interactions, reflecting upon the level of comfort one gets to share with each other when you spend so much time together. The girls are dressed to the nines in elaborate ensembles from the ‘Zardozi’ collection by the Formals line, beautifully woven dual shaded fabrics embroidered with bold botanical imagery in thread, zardozi, sequin and pearls, crafted in dramatic draped silhouettes. Shop in stores and Online today. Tum. Perhaps the most celebrated relationship on earth is one between a woman and a man. Since most fairy tales and epic love stories conclude at the happily ever after, those precious moments of post marital bliss tend to miss out on the limelight. You may think you know a person inside out, until you start living with them, that’s when the vulnerabilities start fading away and the journey of really getting to know each other finally begins. Rejja and Mukarram share an uninhibited excerpt of their beautiful relationship with us, having just gotten married early this year, a long and beautiful journey of companionship lies ahead. Rejja wears a heavily embellished cream suit from the ‘Laknavi’ collection. With a lustrous cotton zari base patterned with traditional chikankari zardozi and mukaish embroidery and subtle self-print. Shop here today! Hum. Yes, we saved the best for last! There really isn’t anything that can pull at your heartstrings like a thoughtful and endearing family photo. Pure unconditional feelings embellished with a lifetime spent together, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. That is the true power of a family portrait, it’s not just a photograph, but an entire lifeline, and if you tread closely the story speaks out to you itself. Mahnoor and her beautiful parents lend us a window to their candid personal lives creating for an endearing set of photographs. Mahnoor and her mother wear bright and cheerful ensembles from the ‘Satta dou Satti’ collection by the formals line. Custom designed bright Tangail plaid bases with embedded gold booti motifs are further heavily embellished with zardozi and sequin work. Shop Satta dou Satti in stores and online.

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