What to wear when the larkay walay visit

We all have a love hate relationship with the winter (also known as the shaadi season) in Pakistan. December through February is packed with weddings. And you know what’s present in every single, big fat wedding Pakistani shaadi other than Chicken Korma and biryaani? Rishta aunties with their freshly manicured talons and “black cat” talcum powder scent following you around and haunting you like your 2005 hotmail username. We know how you just want to dance your heart away in your beautiful lehenga choli, looking like a dream. Talk about being spotted by a rishta aunty you absolutely cannot avoid! And you know it’s inevitable that the said aunty will follow you to your grave till she is invited over to scan you from head to toe. Some would say it’s wise to give in and get it over with – especially if she’s someone you do not want to get naraaz. There are a few guidelines that can be followed to dress successfully for when the risha aunty visits. Now we’ll let the meaning of success here be subjective. However, we can give you a rough idea of how to go about it based on the outcome you want! ;)

If you can’t wait for that #couplegoals lifestyle and really want to give it your best shot!

Come on; let’s not give the rishta aunties so much hate! At the end of the day, they are responsible for a number of successful happily ever afters after all. And hey, if you’re for the arranged marriage route, we say go for it – embrace it and go all out. Dress to impress and knock that auntie’s socks off! Want some ideas? Grab our Satin Sheen coordinates! This lightly embellished sharara and top with shiny button details will give the hint without being all out - subtle and affective. Best thing? They’re currently on sale!
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Need an outfit for Amma? Go for this Gara Treasures 3 piece featuring a heavily embroidered shirt and trousers with a chiffon dupatta - a classic mum favourite!
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If you’re super laid back and want to go with the flow

So you’re not actively pursuing shaadi but aren’t completely closed to the idea of an arranged marriage either. Let’s say you’re not one for the drama and want to give one golden chance to the rishta aunty to prove herself while making your amma happy at the same time. Dress smartly, casually and take everything in stride as it comes. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your soul mate along at the end of it all! We suggest a no fuss but smartly tailored kurta. Perhaps this Khais collection top paired with a pair of tights? Grab it on sale online today!
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For mummi jee’s of the doting future bride, follow the same guidelines and go for this two piece suit in a delicious blue colour ALSO on sale. Who know’s, you might not get your prince charming, but atleast you’ll gain an outfit from this elaborate ordeal (which is almost the same thing if you ask us)
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If you want to give her the sartorial finger and shun the rishta aunties forever!

Give the rishta aunty a jump scare by showing up in this Suzan Kasuti jumpsuit. Featuring a relaxed trench-coat like neckline, it’s time to unleash every rishta auntie’s worst nightmare: A girl who isn’t afraid to take the plunge for what she truly wants (Pun totally intended). Opt for this edgy ensemble and strut into the drawing room like a boss. And hey, don’t shy away from voicing your strong opinions and flaunting those #girlpower beliefs! Shop in stores today! Bonus tip: Tell her you do a little bit of modelling on the side and ignore your amma’s glares.
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What look are you planning on donning for the rishta auntie’s visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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