5 truly بیمثال GENERATION looks by Baemisaal

I am art she says, and she is! Shining, bold, captivating, she truly is ART. She is Baemisaal. Her presence instantly captivates the room, she is bright, bubbly and a joyful burst of energy. She runs the body positivity blog @gofiguremyfigure and boasts of an avid following on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByFh9Okp5-6/?igshid=1insy45c5ng1p Today, we invite her to our HQ to play dress up and give her unique spin to GENERATION’s traditional eastern wear offerings.


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We start off a look she’s more comfortable with, she layers her form fit black sweatshirt with an intricately hand worked koti from the ‘Japanese Donuki’ collection, completing her look with a denim patiala shalwar, patent leather biker boots and a Balochi earring fashioned as a nathni! This woman is a ROCKSTAR!
The Seyahi Embroidered 2- Pc is now online for Rs.3,998/-
For a more toned down approach, she picks out a batwing traditionally embroidered 2pc style from the ‘Seyahi’ collection. Paired with elegant black khussas, she gives it that ‘baemisaal’ touch by doubling traditional Afghan earrings with earrings oversized disco hoops!

Exploring Colour

The Embroidered kurta is now online for Rs.3,119/-
Time to explore some colour now! This acid green kurta embroidered with cross stitch tulip motifs magnify the beautiful magenta hue of her chic pixie do! Simple denim shalwar, white sneakers and girlfriend is ready to hit the town and get some shit done!

Scarlet Who?

The Satin Sheen 2-Pc is now online for Rs.5,698/-
For evening, she goes for a scarlet printed 2pc with embellished sleeves and elaborately designed lowers. Giving her own spin to the belted dupatta fad, she utilizes a Balochi necklace as a belt and opts for trippy art deco earrings to offset the traditional look complete with tan khussas!


The Chamkeeli Dress is now online for Rs.5,498/-
Ending the day on a high note, she goes for a crazy fun bharkeela dress from the ‘chamkeeli’ collection paired with (in true Baemisaal fashion) patent leather biker boots, Afghan clips and and a metallic choker. https://youtu.be/Pj_NL1CfWK8 Head to our Youtube channel and see how Baemisaal plays dress up! Lets us know in comments how it turned out!

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