Garma garam jalebis, crusty aloo ke samosay, and palaak ke pakoray! Mmm, we cannot deny that those three things are running through our minds all day in await of Iftaar! Something about the month of Ramzan, that gets the taste buds into party mode, more than on usual days. How often do you guys devour jalebis on a regular, non Ramzan day? Our hunch is, not much! Well, one often wonders if we subconsciously treat ourselves by some high calorie munching! At iftaar time, NOTHING feels more deserving, heina?

But uff let’s not be vain! There is so much more to this blessed month than just saying no to food. And yes, the opening line to this blog does not sound like the best instruction manual to having an easy fast! But let’s be real, Ramzan gives us the chance, to be better, do better, and definitely eat better, so let’s prep up and take it as a challenge!


Some tips and tricks that really aren’t sweet but help are: DITCH THE SUGAR, KICK THE CAFFEINE, LOAD UP ON THAT H20 AND SAY NO TO MISTER OILYOIL! Don’t mean to bore you but tried and tested, these four things will give you the energy you need and the skin you’ve always wanted.

But why sugar?! IT TASTES SO GOOD. Well, it depletes your body of important vitamins and minerals, the weapons you need to fight the day. In short sugar weakens your immune system! And in a state of roza, we really need our body to be on our side. While we’re cleansing our souls, lets not dirty our bodies. Not convinced? Then do it for your skin. If you want saaf suthri and chamakdaar skin, you’ve got to lay low on the jalebis! Opt for more natural sources of sugar, how about dates or bananas? Okay, you may have a little bit jalebi, but not much and definitely not everyday!

Ab samosay ki shaamat! All that oil really takes a toll on the liver, hence storing everything as fatty tissue, and you know how the rest plays out! So it’s simple, we just need our bodies to be in warrior mode, so whatever slows it down needs to be minimized.

OH, H20!

Coffee fanatics, don’t hate BUT you got to reduce the amount of caffeine! It dehydrates the system, and we’re already losing so much liquid! And for the colas they will fill up your system and delay the digestion process. A few sips don’t hurt but chugging them down, seriously does damage. So let's vow that our first sip at the break of iftaar won’t be anything but water- or perhaps a refreshing glass of Rooh Afza!

There is never enough water, so fill yourself up!, and skin is a good enough motivator to make us women do anything! So just a fun fact, did you know if you don’t drink enough water, the collagen begins to crack and bind together, causing fine lines and wrinkles to become more noticeable. So you’re not just being a dry flakey flake on the inside, but the outside too. We recommend some organic hydration with it, so stock up on some fresh veges and fruits.


Now let’s talk about our second fav topic, NEEEEND! If you follow the tidbits of advice above, it’ll do wonders to the melatonin in your body. So all you need to do is jot out your sleep schedule! Go to bed early, after you’re done with your Taraweeh prayers. Resist turning on that owl mode, binge watching Netflix and loading up that tummy.

How about resting out the andheri raatein and making use of the time after suhoor! It is definitely the time of barkat! Starting your day early will not only make you more productive, but also less lazy. Inculcate 20 minute power naps, but not more than 20 if you don’t want to wake up feeling like a grump!

So yes, those are little tips and tricks, and if reading this has got you feeling unprepared, remember, that the first fast is hardest to get through. Afterwards the body adjusts. So just work on it one day at a time, and relish in the feeling of completing the first fast. The best morale booster ever! Let us know how you’re getting ready set for Ramadan, this year!

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