Mama, but make it fashion - trust solids!

Mina Malik’s guide to chic mom fashion Solids - mom life must haves!

We loved engaging with Mina Malik Hussain. On the blog today she talks about how tricky is it to dress up and shares some style tips for busy moms.

So without much further ado, Take it away Mom!

Being a mum means wearing many, many hats—sometimes all in one day. It’s a lot to ask of anyone, but it’s equally tricky when it comes to clothes. Being busy often means clothes fall by the wayside as you reach for that same trusted shalwar-kameez or t-shirt as you run out the door, checking if you’ve got your wallet or asking small people “are you sure you don’t have to pee?” (they always have to; they just don’t want to). Add to this the fact that along with the coronavirus, smog season is imminent—which means that lipstick, the ultimate Power Up tool is out the door, as well as statement earrings. What’s a woman to do? Enter S+A, to save the day: Solids and Accessories.

Niswaar Green for grumpy days

Leave the crazy prints alone for a minute. Solids are a great investment—remember Steve Jobs, who only wore blue jeans and a black T-shirt? While nobody wants to wear the same outfit every day, there’s something to be said for a capsule wardrobe of easy and chic plains.

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This niswaar greeny-beige angarkha has a forgiving swirly cut for bloated or grumpy days when you can’t bother. I’ve kicked it up a notch with a churidaar pyjama, some jewelry and fun khussas. If you don’t want to go flip-flopping around in mules you can wear sandals; swap out the churidar with trousers and snakeskin loafers for a winter-ready look. And while I’ve never met a ring I didn’t like, you can make do with one. I find having a standard set of jewelry- watch, a few rings, a bracelet, studs, whatever you like- for daily really makes a difference to how one feels about an outfit.

Tangerine is the Way to Go

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I’ve paired this shawl with a tangerine two-piece that serves many purposes. One, it’s a complete outfit so there’s no last-minute hunting for a bottom that you’ll have to quickly iron. Two, it’s a cheerful colour, but one that doesn’t make you feel like a clown. And a paranda is your secret weapon for turning bad hair days (and delayed wash days) into a thing of excellence.
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I like a scarf of some kind because it adds a bit of print and interest to a plain outfit, and in this pandemic zamaana, you can use it to open doors or hold over your face GENERATION always does such great shawls in the winter, and this flowered number is very versatile (you could, for instance, wear it with any one of the looks in this article). I’m a fan of a dupatta—it’s an accessory that elevates even the most boring outfit, but is also easy to ditch if it’s getting in the way. If you want to get dressy, swap it with something fancier—organza, anyone?

#NeelaNeelayAmberpe inspo for BLUE days

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This royal blue shirt has a great boat-neck that doesn’t need much else to make it work. But this grey and claret cotton dupatta has just the right seasonal cosiness, and goes so well with the blue! Clothes that a. fit and b. spark interest are the kinds of pieces you need in your wardrobe.

Shop this Boom Boom Bateau Neckline Shirt in stores and online for Rs.2,298/- paired with a block printed dupatta.

This is a sensible kind of outfit, one that you could wear anywhere…except when you pop on a pair of razzmatazz shoes! These iridescent peshawari chappals are comfortable and just the right amount of pleasingly offbeat. Who says you can’t be sensible and have fun?

Would you wear solids from head-to-toe? Do you have any of these (or similar) styles in your closet? Which look is your favorite? Don’t forget to comment below!

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