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Election day is around the corner and the excitement is palpable both online (thank you social media) and on the streets. Democracy is a fundamental human right and no matter how tempted you are to continue binge watching the show you’re on, we here at Generation believe that it is the responsibility of every citizen of Pakistan to vote. So this election day, don’t let the laziness get to you and go out and vote. Your country deserves it! (Trigger Warning: SATIRE) July is coming to an end and with it, comes the most anticipated event of the year- the General Election 2018. Whether you’re part of the mujhe kyun nikala gang, or firmly believe that a balla is what is needed to knock some sense into people, gear up because this article is for you. All you need is unwavering confidence in yourself (much like each and every single person contesting the election) and you can pull off anything you wish to!
‘Dekho Dekho kon aaya, sher aaya, sher aaya’
If you are a PML(N) supporter, no use wasting your breath because trying to convince your political rivals is about as useless as the g in lasagna! It’s time to let your clothes do the talking because chori tou ho gayee, it’s time for seena zori! We all know a PML(N) woman wears the heart of a lioness on her sleeve and, with our Scarlet Fever collection, you are quite literally equipped to do so! So it’s time to tackle your opposers like a sher with these fun styles! Incorporating prints with shers on them, this is a must have for all you PML(N) supporters out there! With fierce silhouettes complementing the print, here are our top picks from the Scarlet Fever collection for this election season. This front open, loose fit tunic with flared slit sleeves is the perfect outfit to unleash your fierceness. Shop it at your nearest GENERATION store. This overlapped print-blocked tunic cinched at the waist with cuff sleeves is the perfect piece to maintain your unwavering stance. This election day, step out in style in this long scarlet fever dress. Shop this look in stores.
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‘Tabdeeli aa nahee rahee, tabdeeli aa gayee hai!’
Image credit: PTIOfficial/photos We all know that the young followers of PTI (read: jazbaati naujawaan) no matter how stressed, like to remain well dressed. If you’re looking for style inspiration, worry no more! PTI women, as Imran Khan’s choice of wives suggests, diversity is in and both modern and modest fashion can be stylish and appealing! ;) On countless occasions we have seen Imran Khan (and the leading ladies in his life) don white. This election day, step out in white, with green and red paint smeared across your face, if you truly wish to vote in style for your political party. We, at Generation have compiled a set of outfits that will surely fit your style whether you’re channeling your inner Jemima, Reham or Bushra bibi! This Blonde Ambition Frilled Top has an open front and frilled detail on the sleeve. If you want to paint a picture of the perfect progressive woman, hurry in stores and online to get your hands on this contemporary piece! Shop this look at stores. Image credit: PTIOfficial/photos If truly want to channel the old world charm this election day, this Ajrak Therapy Anarkali is for you! With a royal maharaja neckline, this embroidered anarkali will ensure you’re at your A game this campaign and election season. Shop this look at your nearest GENERATION store. Image credit: PTIOfficial/photos If you’re still looking for more options, worry no more as we have plenty of fun styles for you to pick from. Simply visit our stores or shop online from to pick a style that best suits you and whoever you are voting for.
“Roti, Kapra, Makan mang raha he har insaan”
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If you’re voting for PPP, don’t bother denying that it is because of the eye candy that is Bilawal Bhutto – because of course, the future leader should ABSOLUTELY have three qualities…good looks, good looks….and…good looks! But jokes apart, Bilawal Bhutto takes after his mother in terms of his charismatic personality and resolute patriotism. Benazir Bhutto was undoubtedly a true style icon in every sense of the word. So take a cue from BB and show the world that: “Kal bhee fashion sense zinda thee, aaj bhee fashion sense zinda hai.” We, here at Generation, have curated our top picks inspired by Benazir Bhutto’s impeccable fashion sense. So if you want to tell the world that you’re a strong, independent woman, get inspired by BB’s power suiting.
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Benazir Bhutto has always been the epitome of grace and beauty. This three piece paneled kurta with piping and tassel detail, complete with a resham khaddi dupatta from our Rangoli collection is the perfect outfit to wear this season if you truly wish to embody the style of the PPP icon. Shop her look at your nearest store.
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Red is undoubtedly the color of power and confidence. A common color in BB’s wardrobe, our solid kurta with a collar, placket and roll over sleeves is the perfect go to outfit for election season! Stand out in the crowd in this eclectic number. Shop in stores and online: To conclude, we would like to state that Generation does not wish to influence any voters or endorse any political party through this post. Happy Voting!

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