Saudi women rev up their engines- and artists come out in celebration!

While you were procrastinating the driving lessons that you’d been meaning to take since last year, women of Saudi Arabia embraced a new era on 24th June, a ray of hope that their struggle would finally be over. This June, the Saudi women take a victory lap not just with driving but in other aspects. As many revved up the engines for their first drive on their home-ground, Saudi and other Muslim artists could not help but pour their hearts out in celebration and support. We present some inspiring works from these sassy artists and graphic designers: 1. Reema Abood

26 september 2017 ♥️

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From the echoing emptiness of no women driving on Saudi roads, to the spectrum of colours with powerful use of Arabic, produced by this local artist “Reema Abood” in her artwork, has given us a hard time pulling ourselves away from her fascinating instagram feed. Her encouraging and inspirational artworks have geared up Saudi women. Don’t we all aim to achieve this? Follow her @ i_reemaabood.
2. Coffee and cast-offs Sheikah Al Habshi’s desire to document her fashion journey evolved into flourishing business by the name “Coffee and cast-offs”. Her quirky clothing and sassy work has us all wooed (especially the artwork for women to celebrate the steering of wheel). Sheikah of “Coffee and cast-offs” hopes to end up in Paris fashion week; if you know how to make that happen- hit her up 3. Asom1C

10/10 ?? ?❤️ الرّابع و العشرون من يونيو - يومٌ تاريخي - بامتياز ??. . . . #ستقودي_والشعب_معك #قيادتي_شخصيتي #قيادتي_ثقافة_وفنون #قيادة_المرأة #قيادة_المرأة_للسيارة_في_السعودية #قيادة_المرأه #قيادة_المرأه_السعودية #سواقة_تايم #سواقة_المراة_في_السعودية #ساره_الودعاني #زواج_سارة_الودعاني #ضحك #مقاطع #رسم #رسمتي #كلنا_رسامين #رسامين_العرب #بوب_ارت #بوب_ارت_سعودي #لايك #السعودية #سيارتي #قياده #saudiwomendriving #saudiarabia #saudiwomencandrive

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There is nothing more exciting than watching Saudi women finally steering the wheel for the first time and with artists’ celebrating 24th of June as a monumental day of women driving in the kingdom. With local artists pouring their heart out after the lifting of ban, we came across amazing content from Asom 1C. This artist realized that she could voice for others and look forward to empower women and culture through art. With her bright colored palette and an amazing sense to make us laugh out loud, her work is anything but boring. We love the message, this one is giving out! 4. Marwan Shahin
“Born to Ride” illustration about women’s freedom and rights in the Arab world is the work of self-taught artist and digital illustrator Marwan Shahin. The artists’ inspirations are surreal, and as he puts in his own words, “I basically get the ideas flowing in my mind, like why aren’t there niqab-wearing girls who ride Harley Davidson bikes?” 5. Comicon Tweet
COMIC CON ARABIA is the first edition of Riyadh’s ultimate multi-genre pop-culture convention built for fans and curious souls who want to experience the world of animation, manga, graphic novels, video games, toys, TV shows and films. The comical illustration about the women driving in Arabia by Comic Con is all fun and empowering and has taken the internet by storm, in support for women driving. 6. Tagreed Bagshi

غدا يوم عالمي تاريخي مخلد نحتفل به جميعاً نساء ورجال في السعودية Women drive a car New painting by saudi artist Tagreed Albaqshi 200*170cm Mix media 2018 #ملك1010 #عزم1439 #قيادة_المرأة #قيادة_المرأة_للسيارة_في_السعودية #السعودية #انجاز #عصر_جديد #car #drive #الملك_ينتصر_لقيادة_المراة #المرأة_السعودية_تقود_السيارة #tagreed_albagshi #tagreedbagshi #art #artwork #love #creative #gallery #artgallery #artist #blue#artist #saudi #saudi_women #saudiart #art_dubai #saudiarabia #trusted #Different_woman #rolex #louisvuitton @edgeofarabia @saudiartguide @saudiwikiart @saudiartcouncil @sn300s @rolex @louisvuitton

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With fleeting moments suspended and feelings trapped in colors on canvas, the Saudi artist Tagreed Albagshi’s low profile hides a strong personality. In her own words "a historic world day that all Arabs celebrate" Tagreed Albagshi highlights the day as monumental. The painting Women Drive A Car by Tagreed Albagshi, features two women behind the wheel of cars emblazoned with Louis Vuitton and Rolex logos signaling the new mood of the nation.
A previous 2014 work, entitled “My dream and the green car” by Albagshi gained popularity. The artwork depicted a woman sitting on a Lexus. Tagreed could see her dream coming true on 24th June. 7. Ghadeer Abuzaid In support for the driving ban lifted on 24th June, the local artist Ghadeer Abuzaid from Jeddah expressed support via an abstract illustration with women on wheel and congratulating women that they can do this. Ghadeer is a wedding and portrait photographer. If you are as inspired by Ghadeer as we are, hit her up at and share your mutual love of photography.

مبروك ??? We can do this

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8. Malika favre
“Start your engines” illustration by, marking the end of Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving is our personal favorite by Malika Favre (French artist from the rainy London). Arab news incorporated this work featured by Malika Favre, as women in the kingdom take to road for the first time in decades. Cheers to the poetics and power of a future women have yet to create! Cover photo credit: Waleed Alghamdi

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