Unum Babar is #Greaterthanfear!

One of the happiest couples we may have come across, Unum and her spouse, reaffirm our belief in the sacred bond of marriage!

Both artists, together have been on a journey where they rediscovered Lahore, as well as this beautiful country through Matt's eclectic photos of her. Yes, Matt is the name of Unum's husband, whom she met in the States while she was on her Fullbright. He moved to Pakistan with her and together they started a life here. Unum admits that going through with an interracial marriage while living in Pakistan was one of the most difficult experiences of her life, it was also the most beautiful. She is a practicing Hijabi whose impeccable personal style needs to be shared with the world, wearing affordable labels and practical silhouettes, her style is highly relatable can easily be emulated for any occasion! Photography: Umar Riaz Mua: Natasha Saigol

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