The boy who loves GENERATION Ft. Haseeb Sultan

Meet the the profusely talented, Haseeb Sultan, dentist by day and an artist by night- and sometimes both,all at the same time!

We recently collaborated with him for a feature titled "Gender Swap" for Sunday Times, where Haseeb infused our pieces with his personal style and donned them. Here's why he loves us so much:

  1. The floral patterns!

    "Its a shame not a lot of brands approach floral in a non cliched way. GENERATION's use of floral patterns in an unorthodox way is what makes it one of those brands from which you can always expect something new. It's not boring. Wearing generation is exciting in its own new way."
  2. Generation is socially aware!

    "It knows who its customers are and caters to just them. Have you seen the new campaigns lately? Which major retail brand has ever featured a transgender person in their promotions? None. Except GENERATION . But I think besides that, GENERATION is more about celebrating the versatility of life; through versatility of design."
  3. The feeling of wearing art.

    "I am a collage artist who understands what a collage feels like. GENERATION clothes represent that feeling so well. The feeling of having lived through an experience by wearing art is what GENERATION offers. I wanted it for myself and I am so glad I got it."
  4. GENERATION experiments.

    "From cool jumpsuits to their campaigns, GENERATION is innovative and creative in its execution."
  5. GENERATION gives creative people a chance to progress!

    "From collaborating with Shehzil Malik to working with real life women to model for their campaigns and giving budding artists like Eman Suleman or Natasha Zubair a chance to work with them, Generation just might be the eastern wear brand that our generation needs to evolve into thoughtful and accepting human beings."
Photography by Yousra Khan.

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