There is something to be said about how shiny little disks pattern their way into leaves and petals. Forming flowers that reflect off the illustrious sheen of a velvet jora. A fabric that is sensually soft, bold, and charismatic. It reminds me of my ami kay jahez kay suitcases. How the velvet kurtas remain wrapped inside through the year, and are pulled out on festive December nights. It always makes me wonder how they retain their shimmer, sultry texture and saturated colour, year after year. And when paired with gold jhumkas, or kundan polki – there is nothing more regal.


If I may say, there is a quiet magic in the drapes of a velvet jora. How the colour evolves from day to night. Almost as if, it surrenders to how the light falls upon it. How the vibrant red becomes maroon, how emerald green transforms to a darker shade. I love how it is not just one big block of colour, but variations of its tone. Other than it being the most alluring winter fabric, no other cloth does justice to the warmth it gives on the endless but chilly celebrations of the holiday season.

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Shop our classic Chambeli kurta in stores and on for PKR 3,998/- on sale!


We know we’ve got you thinking about the way it feels, and we have just the thing for you. At Generation, we are the weavers of beauty; beauty of a bygone era, that demands to reinvent itself. Our velvet collection is reminiscent of the ‘purana zamana’ that will have you rocking the new year. Think embroidered flowers, tila, gota, beads, fun flowing tassels and dori’s. A classic blend of bold contrasting colours, and the reflection of all things shiny. Yes, we have it all!

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We at Generation, love mixing and matching our ensembles, and we know you do too! Our Zari Co-ords with velvet koti yearns to not only be adorned traditionally, but the velvet koti could also be layered over your most comfortable pair of jeans , making it the perfect fusion of east meets west!

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And If you’re one to keep it completely traditional, our coordinated outfits and heirloom suits will do just the trick. Our most appreciated chambeli Co-ords, unravels itself as a deep maroon, medium cut shirt with tilla embroidery, adorned with sequins and thread embroidery. Intricate and minimal flower pattern breaks away from the cluster of today’s excess ornamentation. It is paired with a classic fit shalwar. Picture old world charm, and this outfit is it!

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Do you Love velvets but are afraid to wear them too often? Our Ethnographic evening wear collection features pakki velvet tanka embroideries in running patterns, combined with warm toned multi-colored stripped shawls.

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So yes, whether you like to mix it up and create your own look, or enjoy the ease of an outfit pieced together by us; we have something for everyone! Shop your favourite look online, and in stores now.

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