Environmental friendliness begins inside!

Hello World! I am Beena Awan, a literature and fashion design student. But otherwise when I am not attending to my duties as world, I am looking for beauty and love, and beauty in love in the world around myself.

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My journey to care for the environment is within myself. Read on and you will understand that you care for your surroundings when you care for yourself!

Making a change

Every time I think of changing something about my life, or something about the surroundings the hands of my clock always somehow bend inwards. For a long time, I couldn’t make sense of the movement, of the inward spiraling; of how to bring order to my life so to address what goes inside.

Beena is in Rabari 2-Pc. Shop this 2-Pc online and in stores!

But then something, almost like an epiphany, strikes and you wake up from a dream with a solution, and I understood it’s the roots that needs changing. Almost like you grow a garden you start with softening the soil, you work on unseen so it grows into all that you believe in.

It involves introspection…

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Its all about going back to who you are, first as a human and then as an individual to connect to the earth, for the earth’s cycle is slow and for inner peace you need to align yourself to the slowness of earth, to go back to being. Only then we can give it back, and create peace with our surroundings.

And slowing down…becoming mindful!

Beena is in Rabari 2-Pc. Shop this 2-Pc online and in stores!

It starts small. Taking time out of your daily to look at the sky or keep few plants in your balcony and taking care of them helps you set your mood, understand it better. I have an hour of day dedicated to these, I am trying to buy less, to share and to make conscious choices while buying things that I use in my life. Carry a water bottle, switch from plastic toothbrush, keep a grocery bag by your side. And play around with your style with pieces you have already in your wardrobe instead of buying aimlessly. Generation separates could be your go to place!!

We treat the earth like we treat ourselves and others

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Living on Earth, in peace with it, is almost like any other relation, its so much about purity, about slowing down every now and then to consciously listen to what it has to say. Only when we understand poetry of soil under our feet, of air around us, the beauty between the shifts of seasons or how sky changes its colors almost like a canvas of dreams then we realize how crucial is it to connect, to give back preserve. Only then can we understand what it means to celebrate “Earth Day”, or to invest our energies in campaigns like anti-plastic, and anti-pollution, to live peacefully with Earth. Every day is a new day to make conscious effort, to choose life and its sustenance above everything to keep going. Every day is a new opportunity to be who you are.

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