The Sari-torialist

5 unique ways to wear your GENERATION saris this Eid! The Generation sari experience quite frankly has become our GenFam’s biggest addiction as of late, no matter how many 7-yard quintessential pieces we churn out, they just keep disappearing from our racks, both actual and virtual! So much so, that we oftentimes find ourselves being accused of never uploading them at all! The saris from this year’s ‘Eid Wali Photo’ range have been such a hit, the first drop actually sold out within 5 minutes! no jokes here! Now that many of you have stocked up on an ample amount of saris, we thought it would be fun to show you some new and unique ways you could wear them too! We enlisted our trusted in-house stylist to unleash some Komal Pandey energy and find 5 inventive ways to wear the sari this Eid. And boy, did he deliver! Check them out below:

1- The ‘put it down flip it and reverse it’

What a beautiful way to wear light weightweight drapy saris like this cotton-silk shibori number. Reverse the pallu and drape in to waterfall cowls on the waist, and bring the remainder to the other side over your shoulder and use a belt to hold in place.The shibori sari is currently out of stock online but you can whatsapp order from a store near you for Rs.13,098/-

2- The Shawl lapel

Order the summer plaid sari here for Rs.14,998/-
Easy breezy and fuss free, simply bunch up the pallu and throw it around your neck, and tuck in the remnants in your waist band. A worry free style for the girls on the go

3- The ‘Paranda Harness

Sure to add spice to any saadi sari. Shop the purple haze sari here for Rs.1,4998/-
Liven up any classic piece and make your look instantly hip and fun with a harness! And if you dont have one, dont fret! Make an eclectic boho style harness with one of our gotta parandas!
Shop our eccentric gotta parandas here.

4- The ‘Boy-Bye’

Find the charcoal Madras sari here for Rs.1,4998/-
Accentuate the androgynous feel of the charcoal Madras Sari with a style borrowed from the boys. Roll the pallu around your arms and you’re good to go! Add some oomph with a vintage Afghan button patti and you’re good to go!
Find the charcoal Madras sari here for Rs.1,4998/-

5- The ‘Fan-dom’

Get the Hoor sari for Rs.15,098/- and put your own spin on it!
A great sculptural way to wear crisp saris with a lot of body, again drape the pallu in reverse over the pleats to create the water fall cowls, and bring the remainder over the right arm, bunch up at the waist, to create a Poiret style fan sleeve, secure the pallu with a beautiful brooch, and you’re ready for the world! The Hoor sari is currently out of stock online but you can whatsapp order from a store near you!

Do tell us what was your favourite way to style the sari and do share how you style yours this eid!

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