Shahi Tukri

The magical art of tukri work, sweeter than the dessert with none of the calories. Craving Kaju katli anyone? While this blogpost isn’t exactly about the delicious cashew mithai, but the craft in focus today is just as sweet! Delicious, tiny, delectable; tukri work! ‘Tukris’ or ‘pattis’ are small pieces of fabric which are hand folded to form minuscule diamond shapes to be used in the craft of Ralli appliqué, when used just on its own it makes for stunning testaments of the intricacy and labour intensiveness of Sindhi craft work. Each tukri is individually formed by hand and then blind stitched on to the fabric one by one to make the final motif, sometimes as many as a 1000s of tukris may be used on just the front of a fully worked kamiz. In case you couldn’t tell; we hereby officially confirm generation’s obsession with this timeless craft! We’re tukri lovers for life! Here’s presenting some of our favourite testament to the craft, which by the way are still available for you to buy!

The Barah Dozi 2-pc

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Isn’t this galla just everything! This marriage between Balochi motif styling and Sindhi craft is definitely one for the archives. Baltimore album quilts inspired our Barah Dozi Collection. Taking cues from the light colour palette and feminine appeal, the collection translates the aesthetics of quilting and our local rilli craft.
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The Sarang Tiered dress

Absolute heaven! In addition to the intricate tukri florets all over the voluminous tunic, its got sheesha work and gorgeous handmade tassles as well. And that burnt orange colour, we’re drooling.
Shop the Sarang tiered dress now on sale for Rs.4,398/-
This tiered dress in a ripe shade of tangerine is just the element to relive the festival girl fantasy, albeit in our backyards.

The Sarang A-line shirt

Shop the Sarang A-line Shirt now on sale for Rs.4,398/-
The thanda effect of the beautiful minty base is just what we needed to ward off the sticky, sweaty monsoon season, and this one’s adorned with cutest tukri bails evaar!
Shop the Sarang A-line Shirt now on sale for Rs.4,398/-
Look at those miniscule florets and leaves! So cute! Hope you manage to get your hands on one of these pieces before they fly out! The pleasure of tukri work awaits.

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