The Map that mapped GENERATION on International Social Media!

Our Independence Day Social Media campaign this year had 3 facets: patriotism for our motherland, tolerance and peace towards our Indian neighbors and a celebration of the infinite source of inspiration that GENERATION draws from the heritage and crafts of the region. The first post was of our very own “Chaand Sitara”...
followed by a timeless picture of Jinnah and Gandhi, commemorating the Independence Day of India:
However, with over 20k shares on Twitter, 111k impressions on Instagram and over 500 shares on Facebook, and massive engagement from people at home and abroad, the post that took Social Media by storm was our very own GENERATION map:
The idea? Very simple and product centric: mapping out the indigenous fabrics and surface embellishment techniques that each region of Pakistan is emblematic of and also, emphasizing them as our inspiration and influence for not only the CLASSIC and COTTAGE product lines, but GENERATION's overall design sensibility. We want to thank Saima Mir, Former BBC journalist, Recipient of the CBA World View Award, and a Novelist , for being the first amongst the international community to repost the map on Twitter: The rest, as they say, is history. The post caught the attention of numerous art forums, graphic and textile designers and arts and crafts enthusiasts from around the world! My Modern Met, an internationally acclaimed website that promotes positive culture and anything from lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening, went on to say: “Pakistani clothing company Generation has found a clever way to remind us how much textile art can demonstrate the richness of culture.” Read their complete story here. Open Culture is a website that centralizes content based on arts and culture, curates it, and gives access to this high-quality content whenever and wherever you want it-for free. The site featured the map, complimenting it to be “artistic”. Read their complete story here. We’re very humbled to see not only the overwhelming response to our campaign. More importantly, this Social Media phenomenon proves that the love of arts, crafts and culture transcends borders! We agree with @Almostlived that beauty is indeed in diversity coming together to demonstrate the strength of tolerance! Since 14th August’17, we’ve received innumerable requests - most of them from people around the world who probably heard about the brand for the first time- asking us to share the image of the map so people can either put it up as an art piece in their studio/home or frame it and gift it to their designer/art enthusiast friends. Feel free to DM us your email on our Socials (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and we’ll have the map sent across! Ps. We heard you! A few embroideries and fabrics that were rightly pointed out to be missing are now shown in the map. Make sure you have this updated version.

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