Keeping your Henna on trend ft. “Sara’s Henna”

If you love Henna as much as we do, then you need to meet Sara Vazir: The International Award-Winning Henna Artist, former TEDx HK speaker, and a GENERATION patron traveling around the world, painting memories and love stories with her custom Henna cone in hand. She’s got it from her mama-and grandmama- both being exceptional Henna artists and encouraging Sara to become a part of their legacy at the age of 6! What was a leisurely respite turned into a side business as Sara started university, and she quickly carved a niche for herself with a distinct design sensibility stemming from years of hennaing all over Asia and Australia, attending international Henna conferences, talking about Henna art on a TEDx platform and inventing White Henna in the Middle East: I found no matter where I traveled, Henna was the one medium that kept me connected to my culture, my roots & traditions. I loved sharing this art and its history with all whose lives this tiny cone touched. For as long as she can remember visiting Pakistan in the summers, GENERATION has been Sara’s go-to wardrobe fix: Literally the next day after arriving, my mum and I would drive over to the Generation in Zamzama, and pick ourselves a summer staples wardrobe from there! Eid, dinner, parties, shopping trips; this would be my go to brand, just because I have always loved the style, cuts and the boho chic aesthetic that GENERATION clothes have to offer. Sara also resolved our Chaand Raat dilemmas by sharing the internationally trending Henna designs for this Eid: This Eid will be all about flaunting 2 totally different designs of henna on both hands, with a greater focus on whimsical compositions such as half fingers, hand chains etc. Lace, netting or half-gloves will remain in vogue, while the reverse negative designs are all the rage this season! If you’re an animal and floral motifs lover, you can even get your henna artist to incorporate some little birdies in your design. Here’s some BTS action of Sara rendering 2 exclusive Henna designs for GENERATION: Stay tuned to our Socials as we reveal them this Eid. Sara is currently taking bookings for brides around Pakistan for the next season so hurry up and get in touch on: Ps. Eid Mubarak in advance! Don’t forget to DM us your Henna designs.

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