The Budget Friendly Capsule To Swallow For Limitless Style

Are you tired of exclaiming to yourself “I have nothing to wear!” whilst standing in the middle of a huge pile of clothes? Well, we’ve all been there and this is how you overcome it…

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Well, Well, Well. Here we are, back with another blog but this time we’re here to tell you how to make the most of your money AND solve the eternal dilemma of “Oh my God! I have nothing to wear!”. How do we do that you ask? It’s pretty simple really, all you have to do is BUY LESS.

Wait, what? Did we get that right?

Turns out “Less is More” is true if you don’t want to have a fashion SOS moment! It’s also backed up by science! According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Aurore Bardey, who focuses on Applied Psychology in Fashion, capsule wardrobes or smaller wardrobes actually lower your stress as you spend less time choosing daily outfits and are able to make quicker and more relaxed decisions. So Capsule Wardrobes are something that is easy on our pockets, our nerves, and the environment because you’re consuming less.

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Here’s the low down on how to build the best capsule wardrobe that maximizes your style quotient:

1- Lucky number 37 (sort of)

As per the research by Bardey, you only need 37 items which can be combined in different ways depending on the season (usually 3 months) for a fashionable, stress free wardrobe. The number can be less or more than 37 (of course!) but this number has been derived through meticulous research on multiple women who live experienced capsule wardrobes. Here is what those 37 items total should consist of: Clothing (mostly solids), shoes, accessories (jewellery, kotis, parandas, masks), handbags, and swimwear. However, sportswear, underwear, pyjamas and cosmetics are not included in this list. Scary, right?

2- Develop a colour story

Your Capsule wardrobe should have a colour theme, it makes it easy to mix. Usually basics like black, white, beige, navy, and grey are preferred but that doesn’t mean you limit yourself. If you identify with primary colours or unconventional colours you can definitely fit them in strategically. You can incorporate season’s colour also to add that pop.

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3- Appropriate fabric every season

It’s vital to have premium fabrics in your wardrobe as they will last longer. Usually in summer, it is vital to have breathable fabrics made from 100% Cotton, as they will keep you cooler and the outfit will last longer. In winter you can mix and match with added layers, different fabrics and so on. Kotis for example are a great way to add a layer and style!

4- Accessorize

Just because you have fewer clothes does not imply your wardrobe will be boring or uninspiring. Smaller wardrobe can still give you plenty of outfit options especially with the right pieces in your wardrobe. Add accessories to the mix and your capsule wardrobe becomes unbeatable. You can add a statement shawl to the mix in fall/winter to really make your outfit a conversation starter! Draping things differently for example a scarf as a belt, a dupatta draped to form a top over a top, etc will derive your creativity and make you have fun experimenting with your sense of style!

5- Bring out your personal style

Another bonus of having a capsule wardrobe is that your personal style will come out to play. You will naturally be more inclined to combine outfits more creatively and pay attention to adding variety through makeup and/or accessories. It should feel like you have something great to put on, as every single item hanging in your closet is something you would love to wear and pair with another item you love.

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6- Your wallet and the environment will thank you

Sustainability is more than just sustainable materials and second-hand shopping. Your drop in consumption would ultimately help you save more, pay extra attention to the longevity of clothes, and focus only on premium quality items. This also means that you will generate less waste as most of discarded clothes end up in landfills or are burnt by brands. You can even choose to donate clothes to charities, families, friends who really could use them!

7- Separates is the way to go

Invest in good quality, stitched tops and bottoms as well as kotis, dupattas, and shawls. They can be stand alone pieces or part of a set, but if you have successfully developed a colour story, they will only be adding options to your wardrobe!

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