Mehek Saeed’s Pro Tips: 3 Ways to Style Your Shawl

Can’t decide how to pair up and style your shawls? No worries; on our blog today, our favorite A-star stylist Mehek Saeed shows us hassel free shawl styling looks. So, without further ado, take it away Mehek!

When I was younger, I wanted my clothes to be as hassle free as possible. My appreciation for shawls was restricted to my mother draping herself in them but I had resigned myself to the idea that they weren’t for me. The older I grew the more I understood how much more one could express themselves with loose fabric and the longer it was the more playing ground one had. I started appreciating sari’s and shawls more and building my own collection. When Generation’s winter collection dropped earlier this year, the shawls excited me like nothing else!

Here are a few ideas on how to style yours this winter keeping in mind what is still most important to me – hassle free style.


Mehek is seen here in our Yarn dyed Checkered Shawl for Rs.2,498/- Shop this online and in stores now!

If you end up wearing a top with shorter sleeves in the winter, this is the best style to wear your shawl, try the shrug style. Lay the shawl on the floor and fold the sides a couple of times and you’ll end up with one long shape. Then start pinning the sides in a manner that you’ll be able to slide your hands into it. Cosy and effective!

Mehek is seen here in our Yarn dyed Checkered Shawl for Rs.2,498/- Shop this online and in stores now!



Mehek has picked Hounds Tooth Shawl for her cape look. Shop this woolen printed shawl for Rs.3,898/-

With this shawl I threw it over my shoulders and made sure the two sides fell equally towards the bottom. Then I took the sides towards my shoulders and knotted them and so it became like a cape jacket that left my hands free – to smell the marigold (literally and figuratively). With a shawl like this, one wants the pattern itself to be a statement and so I made sure the styling had it on full display!


Mehek is seen here in muted pink Fleece Shawl for Rs.1,998/- Available in stores and online.

This style works really well if you’re wanting a slightly defined silhouette. Drape the shawl over one shoulder and belt it in to place. The benefits are two fold (besides the defined frame), the addition of an extra colour into your look and the shawl firmly tucked into the shape you want it to be in!

What’s your favourite shawl look? Let us know in comments. Happy styling xx

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