The Bond between a student and a teacher is irreplaceable

Do you measure everything you do in terms of utility? In terms of faida? In a time where productivity and feasibility is everything, hobbies still have a place and meaning.

There was a time someone would knit- just because it made them feel good.

People would paint. Visit museums. Collect stamps. Make scrapbooks. These things did not exactly fit the yardstick of “hustle” of achieving more, a trap we seem to have fallen in a lot lately. But they still served a purpose.

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Meet Zainab Mawaz- a teacher for 17 years, holding a double Master’s in Textile and Fine Arts and a professor at several leading art colleges- she finds the most joy in just being with her students. She has several that she coaches and mentors outside of a college campus. In her free time you will find her either sketching or writing a story.

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Meet Hareem, she is Zainab Mawaz’s student. She comes to her not only to learn the craft but to spend time learning what goes into making good art. What goes into feeling good about the art you make?

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These are people who have withheld the societal pressure of pursuing an established “lucrative” career. They have pursued their hobbies relentlessly.

Their free spirits reflect in the clothes that they wear! Even if we are unable to turn our hobbies into passions we devote ourselves to- there’s so much joy in letting your mind and heart wander sometimes and doing something that makes you happy.

This summer, let’s join an art class. Let’s learn to sing. Let’s learn to play the keyboard or the guitar or just, knit. Let’s not enslave our children by the same paradigms as us.

In an article by Molly Conway, published in Man Reepller, she wrote

“What if we allowed ourselves to devote our time and attention to something just because it makes us happy? Or, better yet, because it enables us to truly recharge instead of carving our time into smaller and smaller pieces for someone else’s benefit?”

Let us know in comments, who has inspired you?

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