Tired of the same old dupatta in the neck? Who says dupattas have to be boring and predictable?

Up your fashion game this summer by styling your dupattas in five different ways brought to you exclusively by the GEN HQ!


Ah! The classic V - the good old dupatta draping style wildly reminiscent of the 80s. Popularised by shows such as ‘Dhoop Kinaray’ and ‘Tanhaiyaan’, this style of dupatta draping is quintessentially Pakistani and dare we say, very, very Nighat. Completely fuss free and quick, grab a dupatta and throw it over your shoulders in a V shape to exude elegance and old school charm. If you want all the aunties at the next iftar party to be fida at you, this is the look for you!

Want to give a contemporary twist to your traditional outfit? Try what we call the ‘best of both worlds’. Simply grab two of your favourite dupattas and put them over your shoulders. Pick your favourite one and move one end over the front, tying it on the side. Voila! You have successfully added an uber chic, contemporary twist to your traditional outfit!


Are you too all about #NoNonsense like our very own Nighat? No frolicking about and lots to do? Calm down shehzaadi, for this one’s for you! As we see this style slowly getting extinct, we can’t help but fall in love with it all over again. It is the perfect way to showcase a dupatta with a beautiful side border or to spruce up an understated neutral outfit with an explosion of tangerine.


This is for the daring ladies out there. They do not settle for the ordinary, they do not shy away from experimentation. They are na-dar and bahadur when it comes to fashion. The warrior princess style involves two dupattas. Drape one dupatta around your neck as you would a scarf and make a crisscross at the front. Tie your second dupatta horizontally on your waist to the side and simply tuck your crisscrossed dupatta in with a simple yet exotic looking knot and let it fall.


Greatly inspired by the Kathak dancer dupatta style, this style exudes elegance. Giving off those ‘suljhee huey larki’ vibes and ticking all the right boxes, it’s a crowd pleaser (especially if it’s a crowd full of aunties. Bonus points if you help during iftar.)

A cross over between two traditional styles, wear your dupatta diagonally over your shoulder. Bring the back end of the dupatta horizontally across the waist, tying it to the side and you’re all done. Now wasn’t that easy?

What was your favourite style from these five? Let us know in the comments below!

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