Surviving The New Normal

Skills you’ll need to make it in a post lockdown world You’re thinking it, we’re thinking, I don’t think there’s anybody who’s NOT thinking it, we’re living through perhaps the most unpredictable times in centuries. The world as we know it has changed multiple paradoxes, and all we can do is to hang to dear life by the thread and attempt to ride the wave through, right? Probably not. Yes, times are tough, Yes, we have no idea what’s going to happen, hell! We have no idea if or when covid-19 will ever be eradicated. But it looks like life is going to continue anyway. Though our initial instincts may tell us to go into hibernation mode, wait until it all blows over, but trust us when we say this, a little planning and vision right now will take you a long way ahead. You could:

Utilize free online learning resources in bankable skills.

Learn photoshop, learn photography, learn ecommerce, online marketing, social media management, you could even learn cooking and start a food delivery business, hell you could even fitness and nutritional skills and utilize those to become a fitness entrepreneur. What may have been dismissed as a mere hobby, or waste of time by the more close minded may actually be honed to become your bread and butter and with a little grooming you may as well be able to market those skills to earn a remarkable income. It is time to get the search engines running, whatever you’re passionate about, chances are there is an online learning resource catering to it for free! Take the plunge, could you have a better time?

Learn skills to make you more self-sufficient.

We’ve been hurled into a world where physical human interaction may as well be deadlier than jumping off a cliff, as a community we’ve been accustomed to be so inter-dependent on each other without ever realizing it. What's the most efficient way to get that coffee stain out of your new blouse? That’s the laundry lady’s headache no? how to get the grime off of that frying pan without breaking your back, wont the maid do it? We’re used to having a person for everything, to cut our hair, to do our nails, to wax, to polish, to massage, to make our smoothie, to groom our pets, and (ok, the writer is guilty as charged for this one) some of us even don't know how to iron our own clothes! Well what better time to learn! With tutorials for everything and anything under the sun on YouTube and so much time on our hands, we can actually learn to become self-sufficient in every way possible! We can learn to cut/ colour/ style our hair, life hacks to get us through large piles of laundry, towers of dirty dishes, gardening and even rows of overgrown leg hair in a jiffy!

Learn mindfulness to maintain a leveled state of mind.

It's really not a buzzword for the privileged to throw around, the practice of mindfulness doesn’t cost you a penny, but it may be able to improve your quality of life in a way that is completely priceless. Simply defined, the act of mindfulness is living, breathing and sensing the now without delving into what was (the past) or what can be (the future) You can practice mindfulness while eating, walking around, listening, meditating and even by tuning in and listening to our breathing. We are alive, we are here, what all is around us. Is the present just alright? If so, isn’t that a gift that we must enjoy and make the most out of. Practice mindfulness to experience life to fullest, get closer to god, or to trek upon your own spiritual journey, to remember that in this exact moment, only that matters which is happening right now. What we can do however, is keep trying to turn it into a positive experience for ourselves in any way possible.

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