Being nice is NOT expensive

Simple ways you can put a smile on the faces around you without spending a rupiya! So you’re not enjoying lock-down and contrary to how you thought you would feel about being stuck at home indefinitely, you have ended up feeling helpless and lonely at times. Even though you find yourself unable to leave the house, there are still many ways you can help your community by donating and volunteering at the numerous organizations we have compiled for you in our previous blog. You’re a generous person. You like to help people. but money is tight! Even if you are uncertain about your finances in times of Covid-19, you can still be a generous giver. Sometimes spreading happiness and positivity is all it takes to make someone’s day better. Remember, a muskurahat is the best tohfa you can give. Here are seven ways to uplift others during lockdown without spending a single rupee.

Share your Netflix passwords or other subscriptions.

This ones easy: you’ve already paid your Netflix bill and have binged every show there is to offer. Practice what you preach and show that sharing is caring. Pass along the password and let your friends and family benefit from your subscription, maybe throw in a Netflix watch party session in the mix.

Share “that” family recipe.

Now that pot-lucks and kitty parties are out of the question, there is a chance that your friends and loved ones are missing your master chef worthy signature dish. You know which one were talking about, the one you vowed to take to your grave despite your hulka pait. So spread some love and share your recipes to make their day and have a virtual one dish party. Trust us, it’s going to be fun.

Provide your expertise/skills.

We know everyone is stuck inside but that doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. Understand that your knowledge may help others. Mentoring doesn’t have to be formal- an experienced teacher can guide a fresh teacher by giving out tips and tricks wirelessly. Similarly, experienced parents can help first timers care for their newborns. Help your grandparents with their technology needs over the phone, help someone write a CV or resume so that they can land that dream job. These are all examples of how you can help others simply by sharing your knowledge.


Medical practitioners all around us are faced with an elevated level of risk as the mysterious and highly contagious covid-19 has wreaked havoc the world over, protective gear such as PPE suits are facing a grave shortage. Yes this one would probably cost a little money, but we guarantee the investment will go a long way! Download our free PPE suit pattern and step by step instructions and get sewing! (The specifications mentioned are for a Large size) You can get this medical grade material from our website here for Rs.350/ only. This also includes a zipper and elastic. Here are step by step guidelines to make PPE suit. 1.Start by attaching front and back trouser panels together. 2.Attach the trousers with the torso. 3.Attach sleeve to the body with seam at overarm. 4.Close the shoulder seams continuously from neckline to sleeve hem. 5.Attach zipper. 6.Attach hood pieces together. 7. Attach hood to neckline. 8.Finish Hems with elastic thread. 9.Make the boot covers separately. These PPE suits and can be used by practitioners serving in the Covid-19 wards, can be donated to technicians, security guards and emergency room attendants who are being made to perform their high risk-low reward duties without any protective gear at all!

Donate/give away your “nice” clothes.

You know that one festive kurta that you are not so ready to let go off yet, well dil bara kuraien and think about how happy you would make someone if you share it with Choti Eid just around the corner with the shops closed. Wrap it up nicely, perhaps add in a few chooriyan tied together with a ribbon and give it to your house help or younger cousin. She will definitely appreciate it.

Life is a MEME!

Tell a joke, share a meme or two - sometimes, and spread smiles and cheer through memes to make someone’s day. Here are a few ones made by us. How did we manage this? Simple use a meme generator by following these simple steps 1- Head to these links or 2- Upload you own images or the ones already available and resize these accordingly to the template. 3- Add texts and resize it and plan its placement on the images. 4- You can also draw on these. Ta-da… its ready to be saved, download it and your meme is ready.

Get crafty and make these simple DIY face masks for others.

Ifrah shows us how easy it is to make a mask out of non woven wax strips. As masks and surgical supplies are in shortage, making these DIY masks and distributing them amongst friends and family is a great way to help others in this time of need. You can also follow this link to find easy instructions on how to make a mask. Its great if you can give back and donate/distribute in monetary form, however, you can spread cheer and help others in the simplest of ways without spending any money. Let us know how you are uplifting those around you in the comments below.

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