Style star Unum Babar tells it how it is.

I had never been familiar with the word “fall” until I lived in the US. That’s just not what us Pakistanis call “autumn”. Makes sense: after all, we do not want to associate this beloved season with a negative word like fall. We, in fact, RISE from our heat-induced stupors with renewed energy, for our short-lived winter is around the corner! Here’s a familiar story: At the first sign of chill in the air, we rummage through our closets digging out our winter wardrobe. We step out in our warm clothes the next day, only to discover that the summer has decided it’s not ready to leave as yet. Crestfallen, we head back indoors to change into our worn-to-death lawn ka jora. So can we avoid owning a wardrobe that just go to waste? As an artist, frugality determines everything I do. There’s no allowance for outfits worn once a year, or for that matter, too many clothes. My aim always is to make clothes multi-task, using the same piece over multiple occasions and weathers. Anyway, doesn’t a real fashionista reinvent everything she owns every time she wears it? For this, I carefully curate my modest collection with timeless and versatile pieces. Best source to acquire them? GENERATION. My all-time favourite is a peplum crop-top that I picked up from a Summer Sale from GENERATION and have worn all over the world, in all kinds of weather. Read on to see three looks I create with the same piece which chameleons to match my mood each time, and creative ideas for doing the same with your own coveted pieces:

It’s not cold, and it’s not hot. You thank your lucky stars for a day like this. I start to feel nostalgic for ethnic clothes because I’ll wear less of them in the winter. I’ll layer my top onto a knee-length A-line black kameez from the BASIC line, along with a chooridaar, dupatta and traditional khussas. I will top off with kohl-rimmed eyes, a dholna around my neck and heirloom silver earrings from Bahawalpur that perfectly echo the top’s pattern. Here’s how you create a similar look with GENERATION’s solid kurtas, lowers: This one a denim tunic that will always be a wardrobe staple! Shop it for Rs.2,398 here: Go for an understated print-blocked look with your peplum and solid kurta by pairing them with our jacquard shawls. This one is for Rs. 1,198/- Shop here
It’s sweltering in the sun, but the breeze picks up in the shade. To stay cool, I’ll opt to wear my crop top on wide-legged pants, layered over a black tank top (I don’t trust gusts of wind around a cropped peplum in public: wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!). I’ll complete my fusion look with retro shades, coral lips, a chunky Afghan necklace and these indigenous but innovative leather sandals from Liberty Market, Lahore. Shop the following flared iterations from GENERATION’s lowers to recreate this look: How about a trusty, embroidered navy gharara from the “Montage Mirage” Collection? Shop it for Rs.4,898 here: Or perhaps a classic fit shalwar can verve up your look! Shop this one for Rs.1,298/- here:
That moment we have been waiting for is finally here. My BFF top will be worn on top of a black long-sleeve T-shirt and skinny jeans. I’ll also throw on a long black sweater to keep cosy. To accentuate the Western flair of this outfit, I will pair it with my high-heeled boots, a black choker and contemporary geometric acrylic earrings. A winged eyeliner and a classic red lip puts the cherry on top of this look leading me to the depths of winter. Trust GENERATION’s jackets and blazers to help you layer up in style: A pop of colour to keep the winter blues at bay-and to make sure your legs are cosy too! Shop this “Deco Dreams” overlapped jacket for Rs. 4,898/- here: This “Deco Dreams” blazer spells sophisticated and chic just right. Shop it for Rs. 4,398 here: While you are going about your add-to-cart day BRB, going to look for my new favourite fall piece at GENERATION! Photography by: Matt Kushan

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