Angelica Dass celebrates colour like no other!

Let’s be clear. Goray Rung ka zamana is officially purana. While some may think that this complex is too deeply ingrained in our minds to be plucked out by Nandita Das’s lone voice saying ‘Dark is beautiful’ or Mahira Khan denouncing fairness creams, all we can say is that maybe we need to be clearer, louder and more resolute when we say: nobody dare define us by the colour or type of our skin. Brazilian Artist Angelica Dass asks you to rise above this stereotype with the help of her ongoing photography project Humanæ. It is a collection of portraits of diverse people from across the globe together with their Pantone codes. Yes, she celebrates the true beauty of human colour and denounces the blatant labeling based on skin colour.
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In her TED Talk – The Beauty of Human Skin In Every Color – Dass says, “It has been 128 years since the last country in the world abolished slavery and 53 years since Martin Luther King pronounced his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. But we still live in a world where the color of our skin not only gives a first impression, but a lasting one that remains.” And we couldn’t agree more.
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But it is time we embrace the beauty of all the gorgeous human skin colours god has bestowed upon us. We did that by basing our Spring Collection upon it while Angelica Dass does it through her photography.

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