How to re-vamp your mommy-to-be wardrobe without having to shop from the maternity section.
So, you’re pregnant. And congratulations! Not only because you’re having a baby also because you get to re-do your whole closet again. Once upon a time, maternity clothes meant wearing tent-like dresses, dupattas draped over the belly like a car cover and inevitably, little style kudos. Since it’s not socially acceptable to strut about in your husband’s over-sized Tee (who made these rules anyway?) and if you’re a fashion girl in 2018, forget having to sacrifice good style during your pregnancy.


When deciding what to wear, a dress to throw on is a no brainer – you don’t even have to think about finding bottoms to match. Plus in this heat, let your legs breathe. We know how hot and bothersome the Pakistani weather can be. You’re preggers, normal rules don’t apply- cash it in. Anything that is flowy and can accommodate the belly is a win! The Novajo Poetry Dress is long, comfortable and chic at the same time. Buy now at here today!


This trusty button down will be your loyal companion for all of the nine months…and later. Wear it as it in your early trimesters and when your bump gets big, wear your tunic with the buttons open over a Tee. Shop our Vintage Outlines tunic in stores and at here now!


Winter is coming! Well, the Pakistani winter, that is. Invest in this Persian Florals shirt with a detachable jacket. After all, if you’re looking to blend in and not be asked by one hundred people if they can feel your belly, this is the outfit. Pregnancy can tend to make you feel too hot or too cold but one thing is for sure. You’ll look too fabulous and a pretty badass mamma in this top jacket. Shop in stores or at here today! So you have to go to a formal affair and you really don’t feel like dressing up or changing out of your oh so comfy Boho Floral Loungewear pants (Shop here ). It seems like you have no choice. You are a radiant, life-bearing force and we strongly believe in the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ policy. We STRONGLY suggest you buy the Lippan Art Shirt. The fabric is soft and pure, just like your baby and won’t make you feel 7 months pregnant- or that you ate ALL the cheese. Shop at here or in stores today! Dressing your body through 9 months of continual change is always going to be tricky. Luckily, Gen has rounded up some incredible maternity wardrobe ideas to help you style your way through the Humpty Dumpty stage. From elegant party wear, chic office looks and comfy-not-so-scruffy outfits, we have it all so shop now! Tell us in comments of how you’d revamp your maternity wardrobe!

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