Van Gogh’s Starry Night has got nothing on our indigenous craft of Makaish

If you’re looking for outfits with that subtle glow to fleek with the highlighter on your cheeks, GENERATION has it all covered for you with its Makaish detailed clothing.

Now that spring is dealt with and summer is upon us, all we want is to lounge around without an effort and stylishly, hopefully, breeze through the days. While the sun shines, why not make hay and don outfits churned from the unique Makaish Embroidery craft. Makaish is an ancient embroidery craft of the subcontinent in which thin metal threads are hammered into the fabric to create patterns that adorn the fabric.

So while the metal might be blending into the fabric, it’s a chance for you to stand out from the crowd! Where’s the fun in dressing up if all you are aiming is to join the herd? Let your Makaish outfit do that for you, so you can shine. GENERATION’s got your back honey.


With this print available in black and yellow, you can either pair it up with the sun in yellow, or in the night with the stars in black. It’s the perfect companion to enhance your energy and radiate those fun summer vibes with the motifs embodying the romance between day and night.

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If you’re looking to enjoy those summer nights with the breeze blowing through your hair while you listen to your favorite indie music on the rooftop, this lawn top is perfect for you. It’s got that easy breezy night look to it with the details to mirror the stars. It’s poetic and simple.

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If the summer heat is getting to you and you don’t wanna go through the hassle of making an effort, we at GENERATION recommend getting the Toda Pakhur kurta for its effortless cool. This block printed kurta with its asymmetric neckline is bound to be the summer romance you deserve. It’s edgy, stylishly laid back and doesn’t ask much from you. What more do you need?

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When you’re in a mood where you just don’t care what the world thinks and we know summers can do that, this Rung dress is the dress for you to wear to flaunt that heated attitude. With its front slit, let the dress carry you to the atmosphere where you can be your best self with the stars. Because if you’re not dressed for the part, then is it really worth it?

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With this Sindhi kurta, you can’t go wrong. Its loose fit and sindhi block print is the ethnic summer kurta that your wardrobe will thank you for the days before which you pull an all nighter and you want the mornings to be effortlessly cool. Give or take some funky accessories and you have the perfect outfit that can double as work-wear, or at a fun dinner with friends. Wear sandals with it or brogues, this kurta will not let your style down.

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We at GENERATION tried our best to give you a chance to experience it in a casual way, even if it’s usually found in heavy formals. Is there any other traditional embroidery craft that you guys like to be incorporated into your clothing? What do you think of Makaish?

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