Hello, fellow earthlings! Feels quite strange of a greeting, doesn’t it? Lets put aside our differences, and the distances, kyunke asmaan aur zameen tou sab ka aik hee hai! So let’s have a little gupshup, after all it is Mother Earth’s birthday! (Which should be everyday, if you ask us). But in the hustle bustle of everyday living, we forget to be kinder to the Universe and in turn ourselves! We at GENERATION are lovers of nature, and as artists we celebrate it every day through the clothes we create. Our spring collection is proof of that! Chambeli, gulnaar, gulaab are our biggest inspos! We think its super cool to be eco- friendly, and do our bit to make the world more beautiful, fighting hard against whatever comes in the way of that. Speaking of plants and earthly problems, we found a one stop solution for a lot of everyday health problems! And that too with the help of a plant! It is *drum roll* the PEEPAL TREE! The leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and fruit are magical anecdotes in themselves. It is pronounced as ‘people tree’ - and we have got to say, it does well to its pronunciation!


Feeling sick in the stomach? Have a really bad cough... a crazy rash? Eye pain, toothache, any kind of pain? You name it, the tree of life, is here to save the day! Taking it on a daily, and mixing it with some honey really makes the blood pure, and if you’re struggling with asthma, now you know what to do! This sub continental powerhouse of an antioxidant and antibacterial is just what we need to plant more of! So let’s throw around these seeds EVERYWHERE.


A little fun fact; It is the largest provider of oxygen, along with neem and tulsi. It stays wide awake at night, doing its duty - and clearing this dreadful polluted air! No wonder, it has crazy religious symbolism. It is a Godly wonder! Just BTW this is the very tree that Buddha sat under when attaining spiritual enlightenment. Hmmm, maybe we should all be sitting under this tree for some good vibes!


Did you know, the Peepal is the earliest tree depicted in sub continental art? Yes it’s true! A Baloch bowl, from the Sohr Damb site, near present-day Khuzdar was found, with painting inverted leaves on it! It’s noted to be from 3000 BCE. Guess the Peepal always had a big fan following! (Source:


I remember, as a little girl in school, collecting the heart shaped veiny leaves of the Peepal tree, and drying them out in a book after which, the leaves were painted in bright colours and framed. So if you’re looking for a crafty DIY, this is one fun idea!


This monumental tree provides ample shade in his hot hot summer, and is home to so many migratory birds. All we can think of, is a rope swing under the blue sky on a windy monsoon afternoon. Sigh. So this April, let’s vow to be contributors and preservers of beauty, plant more trees, breathe clean, and save the planet!

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