Amrita Shergill

Rehan Khan’s tribute to the woman who singlehandedly redefined modern art in South Asia Born in Hungary, Trained in Paris before eventually settling down in Lahore where she breathed her last, not only has Amrita Shergill had an extraordinary life, but she has also managed the extraordinary feat of being arguably the most recognizable face of South Asian art in the last century.
Amrita, Simla, India, 1935. Photograph by Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Courtesy The Sher-Gil Archives/PHOTOINK
The iconic stature of her imagery clad in an elegant sari, with a minimal bindi and her own elegant spin on the popular water wave hairstyle of the 30’s would be second only to that of frida kahlo and her unibrow. Amrita found success as early as 18 years of age when her painting titled ‘young girls’ won her a gold medal and an associate membership at the esteemed Grand Salon. Tragically passing away at the tender age of 28, Shergill leaves behind a vast body of work which to this day shapes the nature of modern art throughout the subcontinent.
Featuring Atikah Gardezi is our Shibori Sari. You can view this on the website here.
When Photographer Rehan Khan approached us to collaborate for an editorial in tribute to the legendary artist, we were beyond excited. We blindly trusted his vision, handing over the vast range of saris from our Eid range and letting him spin his magic.
Featuring Atikah Gardezi is our Leading Lady Red Sari. You can view this on the website here.
And boy did he create a wonder! Atikah Gardezi is the true spitting image of Shergill, and we dont think she’s ever looked more beautiful.
Featuring Atikah Gardezi is our Dreamy Chintz Sari
Please enjoy this gorgeous gallery of images created for us by Rehan-Khan.
Featuring Atikah Gardezi is our Hoor Sari.
And if you’d like to recreate some Sher-gill magic yourself , don a sari this Eid! Credits: Featuring: ATIKA GARDAZI as AMRITA SHER GIL Photography: REHAN KHAN Concept/Styling: MAHA REHAN Hair & Makeup: AZEEE Accessories: JEWELICIOUS

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