Welcome to the month of Cancer – a zodiac sign known for their love of art, comfort, family and tradition. Cancerians are highly intuitive, imaginative and are known for following their heart. This star sign is governed by the moon, which means the impulse for shopping can strike whenever the mood takes them. By nature, cancerians are introverts and take time to warm up to others. But just because your symbol is a crab, it doesn’t mean you can’t break out of your sartorial shell. Here is Gen’s official style guide and top picks for Cancer horoscopes this month. PALETTE Warm oranges and reds Almost notorious lovers of home and tradition, they can get emotionally attached to just about everything! If they have an item for more than 15 minutes, it'll have sentimental value for them. Cancers should incorporate pinks and orange into their wardrobe to give a homely and cozy aura. This ‘Mughal Geometry Tiered Peplum’ from Gen’s Woman Line is a perfect pick for the Crabs. In line with the color of the crustacean, it will surely boost up your energy and give all you Cancerians positive vibes throughout the day! Shop this at your nearest GENERATION store. Creamy Whites Cancers are refined, polished and poised by nature and that reflects in their style choices. Since they are lovers of classics and tradition, our top pick for them is the ‘Ajrak Therapy Anarkali Suit’. A traditionally embroidered, flared Anarkali complete with churidar pants and a jacquard dupatta. Shop this in stores. Blues, Greens and Nautical Colors Cancers have an affinity to the sea, being the crab. And therefore are drawn to nautical colors like blues and cool toned greens. The colors blue and silver are also lucky for this zodiac sign therefore these pieces are a must have in any Cancerians closet! Have a look at these two distinct styles by Gen to get in tune with your inner water loving crab!
Camel Art Angrakha Suit: Angrakha with appliqué, embroidery and tassel dorri detail
Bagh-e-Gul Co-ords: Block printed paneled kurta with matching trousers
SILHOUETTE Flowy and Fluid Silhouettes Known for their irresistible charm, (hello princess Diana) Cancerians are romantic, emotional and loving. They make for a giving and generous lover. So all you single ladies out there, tap into your water sign qualities and focus on shapes that are fluid and appealing. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea! ;) Our Kutch Fiesta Co-ords are a perfect pick for this summer. This romantic, breezy anarkali is embroidered, flared and pleated to perfection. Ideal for a dreamy date for two! Shop this at your nearest GENERATION store. Charismatically Contemporary Cancerians are anything but ordinary. Deeply creative beings by nature, they can’t resist experimenting and unleashing their inner artist. Luckily, Generation has always been the go to for creative and contemporary fashion. So unleash your inner artist and head out to explore and experiment. This Succulence Ruffled Sleeve tunic is the perfect pick to unleash your quirky side! Shop this in stores. Fusion – East meets West Like the crustacean they are represented by, adaptable on both land and water, Cancerians are lovers of fusion. They tend to experiment all the while sticking to their roots. Our picks from the fusion section are perfect for a Cancer. These pieces are an amalgamation of eastern and western wear, thereby satisfying both aspects of a Cancers sartorial choice. This pineapple express off shoulder tunic is the perfect blend of eastern and western wear. Shop this look and more in stores. As for the month of July, a partial solar eclipse occurred on Friday the 13th and, in a word, it's likely to be scary and unlucky (that’s my inner desi aunty). Never fear, though: With a little planning (and awareness of the stars' shiny signals), you'll feel confident and prepared enough to tackle any summer bummers, ESPECIALLY in the form of wardrobe malfunctions!

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