Pretty in Pandemic: Marya Javed reveals how dressing up helped her survive the lockdown.

The sudden imposition of lockdown, and the homebound life hit all of us a bit too suddenly and a bit too hard. Along with restricting our movement it impacted our agency, our will as well as our mental health. Marya Javed found a very interesting way to deal with it, scroll down to read what she has to say. I was overly zealous to make sure I make the best use of this time and so did everyone else as the lockdown was announced. After a week of staying in my PJs and listening to terribly sad songs, I got back onto the bandwagon of dressing up and here’s why:

1- I wouldn’t be sad if I was looking so rad

I was constantly in a very dreary mood, missed “normal life”; especially when I walked past a mirror. I missed putting on some makeup, wearing my hair pins, thinking of pretty clothes to get! I truly terribly missed all of it. Until I realized I don’t have to. This was the new normal and so, dressing for your own self and sanity had to be a thing! Turns out it is!
Dressing up is the new normal, featured here is Gulkari 2-Pc embroidered suit for Rs.5,998/-
I get up every day looking forward to what I will wear (this time without even worrying about being outside in the heat for work) and that ritual, has restored my sense of wellbeing and hope!

2- A flash of colour to chase the unproductivity away

When in my night suit, no matter how much I tried, my brain just did not get the signal that it needed to “get up” and work. So, I made myself a schedule with office hours and decided to dress up every day before I made it to “office”! It reduced my office FOMO and increased my productivity to even more than the pre-covid days.
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Soon my “office is open” post turned into an inspiration of sorts for so many others and for me in return! (Please tag me in your “office is open” stories and keep the motivation going). :)

3- There’s nothing boring about a woman who dresses up for herself

I realized that planning my daily outfits/look and things on my bucket list; were also a fantastic pastime for me! I genuinely loved dressing up. It adds color to my life and with so much dread in the air, I needed to maintain as much color as I could! I had to keep my anima alive!
I gave myself a new haircut, continue to wear my necklaces and dress up to keep my spirit alive! Featured here is Gulkari 2-Pc embroidered suit for Rs.5,398/-
Some days I go a little OVER-THE-TOP! The reactions of my family notwithstanding! So, get up, dress up, show up! In the case of Ladies versus Covid-19, we shall prevail! Wishing you all love and light.

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