The Unsung Artist

Often when we speak of craftsmanship in fashion and textile, our focus tends to remain on hand techniques: hand embroidery, adda work, hand painting, hand block printing, handloom jacquards etc... we tend to forget there is a whole other domain in textile mastery that is often ignored and not valued as much, one that perhaps takes as many if not more years of training to master. The art of machine embroidery is very much alive, for a craftsman to create a perfectly embroidered motif he has to possess the eye of an artist, the precision of a computer, and the speed of light. If you’ve ever seen a machine embroidery artist at work, you too would agree what a wonder and a delight it is to watch, where the tiniest shift in hand movement can alter the rendering of the design completely, where they sometimes go between 10-20 hues, manually changing the spool each time, to get depth of hyperrealism. Generation prides upon its team of dedicated machine embroidery artists who have been with the company for decades. We value their craft just as much as that of our hand embroidery artisans. Bring a piece of art to your wardrobe with styles from these three collections that are testament to the beauty, finesse and artistry of machine embroidery.

Single Tanka Precision

The Gulkari collection makes abundant use of single-tanka embroidery, arguably the most labor intensive and difficult to master technique for machine artists. The needle serves as a pencil with a single thread as it’s ink as the embroiderer painstakingly goes over every detail of the motif through subtle and calculated hand movements, fully aware that the slightest misstep would mean starting over completely. The collection replicates the simplistic beauty of traditional quilt stitch work with an added difficulty level of intricate Mughal booti details.
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A thousand and one colours!

The bright and fresh Kochi collection which credits its motif inspiration to the Nuristani costume of Kabul is also a testament of the wonders of this craft, a rainbow of bright carefully selected hues come together to form beautiful designs that pop and are sure to be a conversation starter, on your next (zoom) daawat.
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Minuscule details that will blow your mind!

For the detractors that may argue that Machine embroidery lacks the finesse and intricacy of more traditional styles of embroidery, the minuscule detailing on The Art of Minimalism serve as living proof of just how intricate and detail oriented machine embroidery can be when in the hand of a truly gifted artisan.
Shop this Suit from our Art of Minimalism Collection online for Rs.4,398/-
Our love for hand embroidery is no secret but we realized we often tend to sideline the beauty of machine-aided embroidery not realizing this too is a craft that deserves all the limelight and appreciation it can get.

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