Old Friends and New: A Style Story by Mina Malik Hussain

We loved engaging with Mina Malik Hussain. On the blog today she talks about her evergreen, sada-bahaar pieces. So, without much further ado, Take it away friend!

As I grow older, I think of fashion as fun, but also a friend. I reach for old, carefully pressed kurtas of Indian mulmul, bought from Chandni Chowk in the summer. We all have a favourite dupatta or two, ever-reliable, and those earrings that go with everything and add a little something to a bland outfit. This long Covid year has reminded me how I don’t really need that many clothes, but the ones I do acquire should be ones that spark joy, and those invariably are clothes that respond to the sartorial conversation I’m already having in my wardrobe. That ‘conversation’ is, my friends, where your individual style lives. However, there are pieces that defy time, trends and tastes, and those evergreen, sada-bahaar pieces are the ones we pack away each time the season changes, and greet again like old friends when we meet again.

Familiar Foliage

Cross-stich will never, ever be out of vogue. This lilac shirt features pink and red roses and a playful puffed sleeve that recalls your favourite childhood frock, but with a boat neck and long length suited to the secretly whimsical adult you are. If you’re feeling especially romantic, you could wear this with a gharara and trail around your garden, pretending you’re Madhubala. Shop our “Cross Check” collection in stores and online.

Sada-bahaar Saris

The most evergreen piece in any woman’s wardrobe is a sari. The casual sari is still hard to come by, and a printed chiffon is one of the most versatile pieces you wil own. These red and purple flowers are a combination that has never gone wrong, and this chiffon can see you through lunch, teatime and even dinner if you swap this blouse out with a cheekier one. Chiffon is an airy, cool choice for our long summers and an Instant Look with minimal effort.

Pro tip: learn to pleat your saris, and you’ll have a piece that changes with your mood.

Feeling dramatic? Leave a long, open pallu. Going to tea where you’ll be doing most of the serving? Shorter pallu, pinned to your shoulder. Kiddos’ birthday? Long pallu, looped around your neck, stylish and secure! Romance with chiffon with our Floral fiesta Saris in stores and online for under 10k. Shop our Saris now!

Classic Cream

Another winning combination is cream and gold. Churidars have always traditionally been worn with a long, flowy top, and this almost-peshwas could well be straight out of your nani’s trunk with those gold flowers. This gloriously swish top has the look of an old brocade with none of the scratchiness—because let’s be real, nobody’s got the patience to wear itchy formalwear any more. Also, it provides excellent twirl-for-the- ‘gram potential.

This is a piece that can see you through any event, any body size ups and downs and still be pretty, functional and happy-making each time. Shop this desi Diva Dress for Rs.4,698/- in stores, and other cream formal outfits in stores and online here.

What are your favourite pieces that defy time, trends and tastes, and are evergreen? Share in comments and let us know.

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