Let’s redefine happiness and celebration.

The pandemic is teaching us a lesson but are we paying attention? Ever since we’re born we’re taught the meaning of sacrifice and its significance to bakra eid, however the lesson never hit home quite like this year.In many ways this pandemic is teaching us things what decades on god’s green earth couldn’t: learning to let go of what we hold dear- in the sense of not being careless or ruthless about it- but understanding that attachment too, can become unhealthy. That is not just true of material things, but of ideals. Being too attached to any ideal- of how things should be- need to be- our definitions of good, of happy, of successful can make us rigid. Make us stagnant. Worse still, make us brittle and arid. This eid we must let go, redefine, evolve, and grow! Re-define:


“Simply celebrate wearing your favourite outfits”- Marya is in our Dotted Kutch Embellished shirt for Rs.4,898/-
Whoever decided that celebration had to mean endless socializing? With a great emphasis on making sure you met as many people as possible? That without people- perhaps- there can be no celebration? Well, whoever it was, now needs a new lesson. That lesson is to learn to celebrate simply! With a few loved one. Wearing our favorite clothes. Perhaps eating our favorite food! Because “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone”

2- Happiness

Closely linked with the idea of celebration is the idea of happiness! For a long time, we have believed that “everything” needs to be in order for us to be happy. Or this needs to happen- that needs to happen. I wish I were abroad. I wish I could eat at my favorite restaurant. All I need right now is for this pandemic to be over- and I would be happy!
"How about we learn to be happy for what we have?"- Marya is in our Stitch Often pleated suit for Rs.7,198/-
The pandemic, is our biggest teacher and it says, this Eid, be happy for what you have. Count your blessings. If there was ever a time to truly put this learning to practice, it is NOW! (Here’s a secret though; that is the secret to happiness, with or without the pandmeic. Shush!)

3- Being in control

I feel, one of the biggest sacrifices, we can make in the year 2020 is the need to be in control. To want certainty. All the time. To want answers. When will this be over? Is this not, really, all we want to know? Isn’t this question standing in the way of us fully accepting change and moving on.
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How about this Eid, you dress up, make yourself a nice cup of tea, go sit on your couch and sacrifice your ideals of control, happiness and celebration! Replace them with new ones.
Marya is in our Dotted Kutch Embellished shirt for Rs.4,898/-
The old ones do not serve us anymore and it’s time to move on. To let go! Of not just the goat but the cognitions that hold us back!

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